Im Sick Of Being Alone Romance

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    Im really sick of always giving my friends advice on dating when news flash i dont have anyone its not that i dont try its just sadly guys never go for me but i always keep my head up and stay postive but still after a point you just start to get sad and feel like what the heck everyone around me has someone and its even harder when your friends start to get married and your like what the heck is wrong with me what am i doing wrong ! geez i wish people didnt judge on looks so much its annyoing whats wrong with are society these days . haha thats my rant had to get off my chest
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    Hang in there. It takes men longer to figure out what they want and to realize it doesn't matter what other people think. You'll meet the right one when the time is right.
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    hello im looking to know you and someone to marry
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    You need to let go of unimportant things. YES, you should want a guy in your age range, YES you should want a guy who loves plus-sized women and more importantly you, but WHO CARES about music tastes?? I don't think I've ever dated someone with the same tastes in music as I have. I've dated girls into punk rock, goth/industrial, deathmetal, 80's/new wave... and I'm into reggae! It was fun being introduced to new musical styles and going to new environments. I think you should leave the musical tastes part alone and just be more open minded.

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    Hello DBL!

    I hear you on wanting someone to love and to love you back. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever find a man to be in my life, and actually want to be in my life.

    Have faith, as I'm sure you'll find someone.