Do responses to your profile seem slow? Mine does! Romance

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    My profile has been on here for quite some time, with no emails..... plenty of winks but no emails.  I have sent emails.... no responses.  When I come to read the message boards many of the threads are quite old.  Is this site old and outdated?  Has anyone had any success on this site? I am looking for a partner and companion for life but am beginning to feel maybe this isn't the right place.  Comments?  Is there anybody out there?

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    I  am guy of 40, am still new in this site. i am not a paying memebr yet. actually all indications seem this site is a dormant one, i have not recievd any email from anybody either. well, may be i can see that am not the only one having this stress. i will will wellcome any response from any lonly girl here who thinks she wanna knwo a real and trustworthy guy. or if u are have difficulties,send me an email  dont bother yet for my picture, u will get all when u show interest
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 24, 2012 at 01:03 PM

    Cin.. I kinda feel the same way. Is this the right place for me to be at. I feel that your picture and profile is pretty attractive in a sense men would def be interested in you. So like me, if getting all the winks is an indicator that we are what some of these guys are looking for AND THEN WE RESPOND BACK ..i wonder why the individual cant ungrade as well or just write back if they are subscribed. Who knows any more.
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    can a standard member reply to an e-mail or do you have to be a paying member to receive them too.
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    Cin,Only paying members can initiate e-mails, but anybody can wink. That's why you have seen the ratio you have between the two, since the vast majority on here are non-paying members. Instead of thousands of people looking for their match, which is the initial impression you get, there are probably just a couple of hundred actively on here.Charlie
  • View author's info Posted on Dec 06, 2012 at 11:42 AM

    I would tend to think that the lack of reply provides the answer... I came over from another site when they removed their forums. I don't think people care about conversation anymore!
    I've gotten 4emails from the same guy...not exactly a great match. 

    Truly sad.

    Good luck Cin.

    <- Mary