Married BBW for an affair Mass area? fun on the side

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    LokiRook, my wife is totally unresponsive.... she is missing whatever bricks hold any sexual interest.  I have met other women and they go wild.... so I have found that it is the wife lacking .... not me.  That happens... is that so hard to understand... or are you also missing some bricks ?
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    Not all women or men retain any interest in intimacy as they age. Some are even born with less desire than others. I suspect that some are missing a part of the brain that can appreciate quality intimacy. To such people....all the romance, passion in the world is a blank.... much like a color blind person can't see colors, neither can these people see the pleasure in intimacy. It is not a factor of one spouse not being able to arouse and satisfy the other. It is a factor of the one not being able to appreciate the attempts at arousal and passion by th other.
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    brings me right back to.... what makes you think you can satisfy another woman if you're struggling with the one you're MARRIED TO?
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    OHHHHHH LORDY ME ... my advice for u Bigkahuna .... DUCK !!