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    JumboPete, I'm finding a conundrum I'd like to tell about.
    I am currently actually trying to get to my "ideal" weight, and yet, I hate the feeling of bones poking out of me. I like the extra "cushion" if you will.

    I understand loving being fat, because I do, but for health reasons, I decided to lose weight.
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    Hello world, I'm looking for a woman,(preferably a big beautiful women, or super size big beautiful women ,) that wants to have a good time an enjoy life with a friend. I love cats but don't, walking on the beach, try to reading, mc.donalds,watching wrestle,movies.There's not to much I don't like, I can say, I don't like it when a woman meets you on here for the first time and start talking about sex. that comes later, lets get to know each other a little bit after we get to know each other, it's on..
    I can tell you more when we talk, cause i don't know what to say on here.. I"m also a( super-size-teddy bear )im from lockport ny but now i live in n.falls ny 4 the time being maybe someday i can move back home i stand 6ft4' 400+ im proud big handsome male if u like big bear im the one 4 u
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    Hello angel 1962
    I?m an excessively obese guy but confident with who I am.
    It would be a lie to say I?m not bothered by my weight: I?ve gained so much in the last year and a half that I can barely handle it now. I don?t even know how much I weight anymore, somewhere around 600 pounds. I have this belly which hangs down way lower than normal, almost down to my knees and it?s making walking even more difficult as I can?t make big steps. I?ve been using a cane to get around lately and I?m thinking of using two now or even a walker maybe.
    But as I just said, I?m confident with the way I am, which means I?m confident in being so obese. More than that, I love being this obese.
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    khalee write:
    I like being who I am it is just more of me. The truth of the matter is I am paying the price for my size, high blood pressure!! Knowing that I have started to exercise and lose weight I am not going to say I enjoy being overweight because I don't I rather trim down to a weight where my blood pressure is no longer an issue if that leaves me to a size 16 that if perfectly fine. When your health is being jepordize no weight being fat or skinny should be loved, that is crazy!

    I couldn't agree more. It sounds like me, when I teach overweight children and their parents.
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    I?ve gained a lot of weight lately and I can really feel the strain on my body. I'm always out of breath, sweaty, tired and my back, legs and feet hurt and I have a hard time walking. It?s because I'm getting fatter faster, I went from 435 to over 500lbs in one year then up to somewhere near 600lbs in 6 months, that?s a lot of extra weight to get used to. I?m now trying to stabilize my weight by trying to walk more everyday but it is very difficult. On the other hand I must admit that despite the problems I?m actually happy that I?ve gotten this fat. I like to be radically different and being able to walk around with a huge belly hanging over my pants half way down to my knees is right on.
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    im 20 stone, confident, outgoing and not bothered 1 bit by my weight its other people who have that problem.
    yes i may have health problems i smoke drink and have asthma but im happy with myself, ive come on this site so i can meet new friends my size, to relate to them, i dont like fake people we are who we are.
    do you think these supermodels actresses etc are happy, why do so many of them go on drugs or become alcholics?
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    Like I had said on a similar post.. Liking who you are is GREAT..It's rely nice to see over weight people.. Who are ok with them selves.. You just have to watch the health issues.. The human body can only hold so much weight and function correctly..
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    I didn't read the initial question, but I'm responding to jumbopete's post. If a person is plus-sized and they like who they are and enjoy their life then does that mean that they enjoy being overweight? If the answer is "yes", then I guess you can say that I enjoy the fact that I am overweight. But I do have to admit that my size makes some physical activities a bit difficult. Bending over to tie my shoes is a bit taxing because I have to hold my breath while doing so. I cannot weigh myself on a bathroom scale because I am over 300 lbs. Because of my weight, I am very conscious of the chairs that are available when I go to a restaurant. (The last thing that I want to do in a restaurant is break a chair.)
    Despite the things that I have mentioned, there are some things that I love about being overweight. I love it when my young nephew tells me that he likes to hug me because I am "squishy". I love that my fiance can't keep his hands off of me because he likes how I feel to him. I will also admit that I like that because I take up more than my share of a seat on a bus, I usually end up having a seat to myself. (I know it isn't fair, but that's life. LOL!!)
    I would never tell anyone that "being fat is where it's at" but I do know that crying about weight and downing myself because I am overweight is not worth my time. I have too many good things in my life to let my weight make me feel bad about who I am.
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    Yes, believe it or not, some people actually enjoy being fat. I'm one of them.
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    No!!....I cant answer for others, but your post does make me feel a little uncomfortable for 2 reasons...
    One...Your hubby likes to tell you that you are getting bigger..Yet your profile says you are Single?
    Two..I fail to see why anyone would want to boast about not being able to wear a seatbelt? and not being able to fit on a plane?