uy in their 40s contacting a 60? Comments and Suggestions

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    I receive a lot of contacts from gus all over the world.  However, I am 60 and looking for someone in my age range, also in my area preferably.  Most of these guys are in their 40s, mostly between 43-47.  Get a few in their 30s and sometimes 20s.  I don't get it.  What is the attraction for these guys.  Can any of you explain it?

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    Well first,

    I'd like to say that you are a very lovely woman!  I can imagine many men wanting to have a chance at getting to know you.

    With that being said, there are a lot of men who prefer older women as it could just be their preference physically.  Another reason could be due to the confidence that older women have, being exposed to more in life, more calm and rational.  Not allowing small hiccups to become large snags as well as being more comfortable in who they are themselves. 

    It could be a longing for a mothering touch.  Unfortunately, there are users out there, so in some cases, they could be thinking that they've found a sugar momma.

    In which ever case, whether your contacts are much younger or older than your target age group, receiving attention is always nice.  You know you're dangling the right bait!