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  • BigViking76 ( 41 / M / Blaine, WA )

    Go on a walk around the lake. Lots of people there and dogs. We walk around the lake talk and get to know each other a bit then sit down at a picnic table and have a bite to eat, don't worry I wil bring something good.

  • 24CHARMED07 ( 47 / M / Wilmington, DE )

    To take the woman out for a lunch or to a nice restaurant for dinner or for a walk in the park.

  • shyannazombiekit ( 21 / W / Milford, OH )

    A walk in the park or a picnic basically anything that doesn't involve either of us spending money

  • Rosscoe85 ( 33 / M / Windsor, ON )

    Well to be honest. First dates are kind of overrated. You get all dressed up to meet someone just to find out there is no connection/attraction. Walking on the beach/at River is the best bet.

  • sasha3085 ( 33 / W / Milwaukee, WI )

    Just a walk by the lake to talk and get to know each other or sit under the stars somewhere.

  • country4985 ( 38 / M / Temple, GA )

    Take a walk in the park and tlk and get to kno each other

  • MasterHugger23 ( 24 / M / Springfield, VA )

    Like getting to know you and we could be awesome ^_^

  • mellow901 ( 33 / M / Cordova, TN )

    Not picky, haven't dated in a while.

  • bravobreee ( 25 / W / San Bernardino, CA )

    I Want To Take The Time To Get To know You Walking And Talking And Getting To Know One Another Would Be Great:)

  • paul19735 ( 44 / M / McDonough, GA )

    Don't kiss on first date like to walk and talk

  • Groundhog550 ( 22 / M / Westminster, CA )

    I'm a simple first date guy to make the girl feel safe and relaxed maybe a walk down main street. Probably end up walking a long the beach probably get some dinner after.

  • kona66 ( 63 / M / Enumclaw, WA )

    I'd like to start really really simple. That way if things aren't happening we move on... and if things are electric well, then, we might just not stop until we've had dinner, dessert, and bedtime! Us older guys cant be...  read more >>

  • Thor0ughbred ( 26 / M / Los Angeles, CA )

    Walking Around The Beach,Taking Getting To Know One Another.

  • Ristie ( 46 / W / Massillon, OH )

    Going to a park to get to know each other maybe dinner or lunch.

  • Chris_D_M ( 28 / M / Eau Claire, WI )

    Going on a walk, getting a bite to eat, anything outdoors is always fun!!