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  • Sevenofnintynine ( 52 / M / Harlow, England - Essex )

    Meet for a coffee or tea and see how we get on. And go from there, no pressure

  • Joy1961 ( 57 / W / Canton, MI )

    Meet over coffee and get acquainted.

  • Jrt1987 ( 30 / W / Harvey, IL )

    It doesn't have to be anything elaborate but definitely would like to try something new together, whether trying a new restaurant or a new activity.

  • lovelifesong ( 36 / W / Baltimore, MD )

    A really great conversation. Good music or an interesting movie. Easy, low-key and honest.

  • yeselainewood ( 54 / W / Jacksonville, FL )

    Meet me for a cup of coffee or lemonade. Let's talk and get to know one another. If we connect, great! If not, I can never have too many friends. :)

  • wmward ( 50 / M / West Palm Beach, FL )

    Chat or e-mail and in time talk one the phone and see where it goes from there..

  • nawtytiger ( 49 / M / Kirkcaldy, Scotland - Fife )

    How about having a cup of coffee and then we take a walk down the street and go to the pub and we can play pool

  • HufflepuffSeeker ( 38 / W / Attleboro, MA )

    Tea or coffee while we talk about interests perhaps the last good book we read or movie we watched. Alternately, a game of mini golf.

  • jayme1861 ( 48 / M / Saint Paul, MN )

    would like to meet at a cafe for coffee or lunch like paneras and etc and get to know one another and talk and see where it goes from there

  • Foxgal22 ( 61 / W / Foxboro, MA )

    I would like our first date to be at a coffee shop. It should last less than an hour, unless we really hit it off. I think it's all about finding chemistry together. If the chemistry is not there, we move on. But if it i...  read more >>

  • KARAMEL21 ( 32 / W / Yonkers, NY )


  • KATH55 ( 57 / W / St. Helens, England - Merseyside )

    coffee and see how it goes

  • Phxchill ( 57 / M / Phoenix, AZ )

    Meet somewhere first for coffee or lunch so we can get to know each better.

  • Moparman68383 ( 49 / M / Hamilton, ON )

    Meet for coffee, introduce ourselves, talk, start getting to know each other, see if there's any spark or connection, and go from there

  • rocker53 ( 54 / M / Mississauga, ON )

    Coffee. Is this a cheap date? Have you seen the prices? Okay, you give me an idea. I have not been on a date in way over 10 years!! Why? I got trust issues and I really just lost my heart in having a companion that I can...  read more >>