First Date Ideas

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  • megacuteie ( 23 / W / Doniphan, MO )

    I don't know. Something sweet and simple. But not coffee hahaha. Don't drink the stuff. And the movies is always nice 😋

  • gina850 ( 34 / W / Panama City, FL )

    Would be dinner and a movie then maybe chill

  • UpATree1187 ( 22 / M / Tucson, AZ )

    I think a good first date would be to go to the movies and watch a comedy, or a good drama.

  • joshyynathan ( 26 / M / Australian Capital Territory )

    The movies there is no awkward silent moment and you can hold hands and be Close and cosy with the right person

  • bobby052 ( 25 / M / Fort Belvoir, VA )

    Where ever the lady chooses, but for me I like to go see movies. So I guess that kinda cliche.

  • Doublet23 ( 29 / M / Ellicott City, MD )

    simple dinner and a movie. Or we can talk about other things when we Match up

  • mzbehavedcyn ( 34 / W / Bakersfield, CA )

    Dinner,drinks, talk,movies, getting to know each other. NO PARKS!!

  • maino69 ( 42 / M / Baltimore, MD )

    Dinner movies and dancing depending on how the date goes

  • JennJenn0330 ( 34 / W / Falls City, NE )

    Movie. I love movies. Or a concert. Late dinner where we would get to know each other face to face. If that goes good, drinks. End it with a good night kiss. Nothing more.

  • apasionadobbw ( 43 / M / East Elmhurst, NY )

    Well , woman take first step , if u wanna u have it baby , woman r different , so u tell me baby and I try to fulfill ur happiness..

  • misscurlyfry ( 32 / W / Salt Lake City, UT )

    We can totally go watch a movie either at my house or yours or we can go for a drive somewhere and just chill. I'm not too picky you plan it and we'll see.

  • sulnic ( 23 / W / Pierce, NE )

    hmm first date . Well I would love to get dinner and maybe hit a movie and get to know each other .

  • rbhellooo ( 24 / W / Cliffside Park, NJ )

    I think the best first date would be going to the movies and watching a movie we both agree on. Maybe play some games at the arcade before the movie starts.

  • mattyou ( 32 / M / San Diego, CA )

    I love to go to the movies and have some fun. Whether it be at home or at the movies itself I just like to chill and go with the flow

  • skelty ( 43 / W / Montrose, CO )

    My first date would be to have a nice dinner, get to know each other and then go to a good movie.