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  • funncute89 ( 28 / W / Olympia, WA )

    something simple..that allows us to talk in a somewhat quiet environment...i like to have fun but i also want to get to know you..

  • MirmsLove ( 51 / W / Jacksonville, FL )

    Lets keep our first meeting simple - say grabbing some lattes and a snack and then taking a casual stroll on a local beach or boardwalk. I'd love to curl under your arm as we walk & talk. Other ideas that I'd love are on...  read more >>

  • brooklinn ( 25 / W / Hominy, OK )

    Rather Just Go To A Park And Hang Out And See Where It Goes

  • laceykay101L ( 25 / W / Cornell, WI )

    hang out talk get to know each other, have some fun, go fishing or even anice walk.

  • hotmike11224 ( 46 / M / Brooklyn, NY )

    dinner on the boardwalk evening time

  • Spydey ( 54 / W / Lethbridge, AB )

    Since robbing a train is overrated and well.... no one ever does that anymore :( Go see the rodeo and watch the Fireworks show in Thunder on the Mountain. I find it is much easier to feel like yourself when you are outdo...  read more >>

  • jacknjones ( 33 / M / Galway, Kerry )

    We could have a nice walk on the beach

  • meggars ( 37 / W / Nanaimo, BC )

    A walk sounds good. It leaves opportunity for talking but you're doing something at the same time so it doesn't have the same awkward overtones dinner or even coffee could have

  • cancer8 ( 70 / W / Charlotte, NC )

    a nice walk in the park and sit under the trees talking and getting to no one another

  • amazingbehindoor ( 25 / M / Charleston, WV )

    go to the beach and just have fun and see what happens happens its what ever

  • pharmgirl2010 ( 57 / W / Saint Paul, MN )

    coffee and a walk around roseville central park. they have a wooded area, a waterfall, a grassy area, and outdoor concerts in the evenings

  • TheFenrisWolf ( 34 / M / Upton, MA )

    Depends on the other person's interests and comfort level. Maybe a walk or short hike if the weather's good (with my dog, and yours if you have one!). Then someplace quiet and relaxed to chat. I'm more interested in conv...  read more >>

  • Zenobia51 ( 59 / W / Thibodaux, LA )

    Dinner and a Movie or we can take a walk in the park, talk or we can sit by the river and talk.

  • nowhereman2000 ( 49 / M / Winchester, MA )

    To go do something outdoors,go for a hike,walk or if you like to fish ,mybe a little fishing.

  • benreal ( 57 / M / Cleveland, OH )

    eat, drink, sit and talk. or do something she prefer to do i'm pretty sure she has something on her mind.