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  • fluffymeyes ( 25 / W / Westland, MI )

    A&W is my favorite, its where I live!

  • stevefun2000 ( 47 / M / Flushing, NY )

    Sculpting, painting, charcoal renderings, crayola - pen and ink, digital photography, CGI rendering, cut and paste, body-painting, ..... I'm up for it - ask me

  • sugarlips86 ( 31 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    I dont think I would do anything tooo big because I think that is the time to see IF both parties are attracted to one another. So maybe doing something physical or artsy would be fun. Then getting a few drinks and dinne...  read more >>

  • Aweshum ( 28 / M / Riverside, CA )

    picnic at a park or movie would be perty chill

  • meatball1983 ( 35 / W / Philadelphia, PA )

    DINNER N MOVIE WITH FLOWER go fishing bowling art n craft

  • mango_peach_pear ( 31 / M / Sacramento, CA )

    Conversation and sketching over tea.

  • hangers85ers ( 33 / M / Columbus, OH )

    my first date to attack unexpectedly to capture by an unexpectedly attack to take unawares come upon unexpectedly to bring about or obtain by taking unawares to strike with wonder or amazement because unexpected it's a a...  read more >>

  • AngieBBW ( 49 / W / Liverpool, England - Merseyside )

    I reckon we should hog the corner of some dimly-lit basement coffee bar and brainstorm a screenplay or maybe just eat stuff or both. Eat and brainstorm and create something beautiful. We could dance, but I'm the world's...  read more >>

  • skyblue2004 ( 32 / W / Louisville, KY )

    I think a fun date would be going a class where you can make something be it objects or even a cooking class something different.

  • HarLeo ( 39 / M / Austin, TX )

    A good first date would be doing something with your hands, something creative, like going to a place like Color Me Mine in LA where you can paint your own piece of art and then maybe a wine tasting and dinner. And if th...  read more >>

  • RedMintValkerie ( 33 / W / Las Vegas, NV )

    Have you ever been to the Gilgal Gardens in Salt Lake? It's amazing; the very portrait of insanity. Also. Brick pants. I like to do weird things. Maybe start the evening off by crashing a Baptist revival or a fetish club...  read more >>

  • Gabriella2010 ( 58 / W / Västerås, Vastmanlands Lan )

    Drink at a local bar. Visit an art gallery.

  • AznLatina ( 26 / W / Brooklyn, NY )

    I really don't have an ideal one as I thought. Like I said before, a museum, zoo or aquarium is awesome or even a picnic. Just as long as you make it entertaining. I don't care for expensive restaurants or anything fancy...  read more >>

  • dmw0203 ( 29 / W / Gould, AR )

    Something very simple, relaxing, and fun, like dinner and a movie, or bowling. Something to get the mode to be not tensed.

  • shirleyxu ( 36 / W / New York, NY )

    test test