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Just a little update airem... 67 04/23/2006
Hi Everyone! matchmak... 71 04/16/2006
Fabulous StarEnig... 21 04/19/2006
Saturday Night Blogging YHTLD... 37 04/15/2006
Blog Challenged YHTLD... 18 04/15/2006
Okay, what gives!!!! YHTLD... 24 04/14/2006
Thanks Guys StarEnig... 119 04/12/2006
What is with the fat focus? airem... 166 04/11/2006
is the WAIT due to the WEIGHT ? ? ? airem... 441 04/05/2006
Dreaming of summer fun airem... 52 04/07/2006
It's all about the fit airem... 178 04/05/2006
Confidence StarEnig... 89 04/11/2006
Monday.....monday...monday StarEnig... 27 04/10/2006
I don't get online too often lately Mr... 53 04/10/2006
Fried Day VeniVi... 96 04/07/2006
Yay! Three Day Weekend StarEnig... 54 04/06/2006
Just an observation airem... 59 04/06/2006
I'm Happy removed_TheCurvyTigere... 51 04/06/2006
Body Image StarEnig... 126 04/04/2006
Icecream Licker! VeniVi... 192 04/02/2006
Deep & Wide- hmmmmmmm mmm4spi... 627 03/31/2006
My weekend removed_TheCurvyTigere... 44 04/04/2006
My Blog? Mr... 55 04/03/2006
Rain beautiful Rain! VeniVi... 37 04/03/2006
You Learn StarEnig... 48 04/03/2006
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