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How brave/crazy can you be??? Unavailable 162 06/08/2006
Punk Boys? Unavailable 37 06/07/2006
Where intention goes, energy follows Unavailable 47 06/06/2006
Happiness is.... Unavailable 20 06/06/2006
Okay... Unavailable 4 06/02/2006
Kinky again! Whats up with this? and bad e-mail ... Unavailable 414 05/31/2006
On second thought.... Unavailable 79 05/30/2006
Any advice?? Unavailable 2 05/30/2006
Kinky... Unavailable 407 05/27/2006
Hello Unavailable 40 05/24/2006
Poetic Interlude Unavailable 52 05/24/2006
Just Building Unavailable 22 05/23/2006
Old Fashioned Love Unavailable 131 05/22/2006
Looking in Toronto Unavailable 168 05/22/2006
You *must* be kidding Unavailable 362 05/21/2006
New to Blogs & Meeting Friends Online Unavailable 106 05/20/2006
new guy Unavailable 330 05/19/2006
Let freedom ring Unavailable 48 05/19/2006
Confession Unavailable 126 05/17/2006
back a little worse for wear Unavailable 129 05/16/2006
*P`LUSH* Saturday May 27th! Unavailable 202 05/16/2006
*P`LUSH* Saturday May 27th! Unavailable 63 05/16/2006
I can't waite for this weekend. Unavailable 90 05/15/2006
After an absence and a learning experience, ... Unavailable 3 05/14/2006
Mall guy part 3 and more stuff. Unavailable 64 05/13/2006
Why are YOU attracted to BBW's??
be honest ladies
Do men want to be seen with bbw?
If you could be...........
Person above me?
very BAD advice
What's a Slut?

be honest ladies
Why are YOU attracted to BBW's??
Are there "Older" Premium Members.??
Do men want to be seen with bbw?
Back from the Land of the Missing
I need to go shopping