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What do you consider your best feature to be ... Unavailable 337 07/11/2006
Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unavailable 164 07/10/2006
I've lost my mind Unavailable 97 07/09/2006
Who is in the Phoenix area? Unavailable 38 07/09/2006
Looking in Michigan Unavailable 53 07/08/2006
IF EVERYONE CARED Unavailable 65 07/06/2006
scammer Unavailable 129 07/03/2006
WHO CARES WHAT U THINK! Unavailable 46 07/01/2006
leading a person on Unavailable 136 06/26/2006
Just Friends Unavailable 37 06/26/2006
Me and My Big Mouth! Unavailable 107 06/25/2006
Skinny Dippin' Unavailable 890 06/25/2006
Abandoning Profiles Unavailable 127 06/22/2006
NEW YORK Unavailable 70 06/19/2006
Hit and Miss Unavailable 110 06/17/2006
Feeling Better Unavailable 39 06/17/2006
Back again... Unavailable 109 06/16/2006
British women v American women! Unavailable 334 06/16/2006
Do women realy want us Big lads???????? Unavailable 603 06/13/2006
Going for it!! Unavailable 42 06/11/2006
Trying to be happy with my life... Unavailable 58 06/11/2006
Dieting, Acting, Going Crazy, and Sexually ... Unavailable 252 06/11/2006
Ottawa/Gatineau Weather Petition Unavailable 38 06/11/2006
Hello to anyone out there Unavailable 256 06/10/2006
New York City.... Unavailable 57 06/09/2006
Why are YOU attracted to BBW's??
be honest ladies
Do men want to be seen with bbw?
If you could be...........
Person above me?
very BAD advice
What's a Slut?

be honest ladies
Why are YOU attracted to BBW's??
Are there "Older" Premium Members.??
Do men want to be seen with bbw?
Back from the Land of the Missing
I need to go shopping