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How should people feel? BlueSparr... 79 07/29/2006
Sexy BBW 4 A Good Black Man,,,Where R U At ... ThyckAzKaram... 160 07/23/2006
Can't anyone spell?! MotherMa... 350 07/22/2006
WHAT IS IT WITH SKINNY WOMEN ? Ageinghip... 207 07/20/2006
Where have all the hippies gone Ageinghip... 135 07/19/2006
getting over the lonelyness removed_TheCurvyTigere... 102 07/15/2006
FIRST DATE cutiepie20... 59 07/15/2006
Lonely removed_TheCurvyTigere... 115 07/15/2006
I'm going to be .......gone Mr... 241 07/14/2006
What do you consider your best feature to be ... cutiepie20... 337 07/11/2006
Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! removed_TheCurvyTigere... 164 07/10/2006
I've lost my mind Retired... 97 07/09/2006
Who is in the Phoenix area? vans... 38 07/09/2006
Looking in Michigan angeleyes38... 53 07/08/2006
IF EVERYONE CARED lushuslipsb... 65 07/06/2006
scammer pati... 129 07/03/2006
WHO CARES WHAT U THINK! lushuslipsb... 46 07/01/2006
leading a person on pati... 136 06/26/2006
Just Friends StarEnig... 37 06/26/2006
Me and My Big Mouth! removed_TheCurvyTigere... 107 06/25/2006
Skinny Dippin' shyredne... 889 06/25/2006
Abandoning Profiles cat_ate_cana... 127 06/22/2006
NEW YORK john... 70 06/19/2006
Hit and Miss StarEnig... 110 06/17/2006
Feeling Better removed_TheCurvyTigere... 39 06/17/2006
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What's Up with a Full-Length Photo Fetish? And with weight?
Push your boundaries
Interested or wasting my time
Here in Chino
What ever happened to previous bloggers?
cool day
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