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Hillary's Presidential campaign.

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One, two.

Hillary is through.

Three, four.

Lock the prison cell door.

Five, six.

I'm sick of  her tricks.

Seven, eight.


Nine, ten.

A big fat hen.

Eleven, twelve.

Trey Gowdy will dig and delve.

Thirteen, fourteen.


Fifteen, sixteen.


I already said that?  Oh well.

Seventeen, eighteen.

The sharks smell the blood in the water, the vultures are circling overhead, and the scavengers are preparing to extract the rancid morsels of flesh from the rotting carcass.  That one didn't rhyme?  I'm sorry.  If you don't like it, sue me.

Nineteen, twenty.

Hillary keeps turning up like a bad, tarnished penny.

Twenty-one, twenty-two.

Hillary who?


Did I ever make the statement that Hillary is a worthless puke?  Of course I have.  Hillary is D U N N N done, and her campaign is O V A over.  If I were a liberal Democrat, I would hitch my wagon to Bernie Sanders or Marty O'Malley.

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1 year ago

Wow you look hot baby. I would let you search for my gummy bears anytime. Hummmm

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Is anybody alive out here?  Just checking. 

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Wowie zowie!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just discovered a color to match the dress Hillary was wearing when she made the famous quote "at this point, what does it matter."  When my dog saw this speech of television, my dog vomited all over my new carpeting.  My dog is a very good judge of character.  My dog will not be supporting Hillary or voting for her anytime soon.

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I love seeing my picture in the left margin, so I shall add one more comment at the risk of being redundant.  The Democratic Presidential nominee in 2016 will NOT be Hillary Clinton.  She may be ahead in the polls NOW, but the word we will be hearing over the next few months is PLUMMET.  If Obama was not such a wus, he would tell us all the REAL reason Hillary is no longer Secretary of State, and that reason is Obama threw her ass out the door shortly after the Benghazi fiasco. 


Some of you might believe that I am against Hillary's candidacy simply because she is a woman, but that could not be further from the truth.  If Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona, were running, I would support her in a HEARTBEAT.  Also, Margaret Thatcher did a damn good job as Prime Minister of Great Britain.  Although she is currently not alive, she would STILL make a better candidate than Hillary.  YOU would make a better candidate than Hillary.  At least you are not a psychopathic liar who treats everyone else like garbage, and your experience is equal to that of Hillary.  She is a finger pointer, not a problem solver.


Say bye bye, Miss Un American Pie. 

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Would the last person leaving Clinton campaign headquarters please do me a favor and turn off the lights?

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Another candidate you should probably not vote for is Donald Trump.  Donald has no experience, and he is a jerk.  He is NOT a nice person.  A big mouth does not qualify you to be President of The United States.  Chris Christie has a big mouth, but Chris also has experience and skills. 

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There are several qualified and able candidates from both parties who have joined the 2016 Presidential race, and Hillary is not one of them.  She treats people like garbage, she is a liar, she has accomplished nothing, she is a legend in her own mind, and I cannot think of anyone I would be least apt to vote for with the possible exception of Charles Manson.  Dan Emmet, who is a former Secret Service agent assigned to guard the last several Presidential families in the White House, has written a book called "At Arm's Length."  In this book, he gives a totally unbiased and objective opinion on the individuals occupying the White House.  If you are at all considering Hillary as a Presidential candidate, I would strongly urge you to read this book.  I guarantee that this book will change your mind.