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and one additional aberration

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The upcoming Presidential election creates many problems for those involved with removing used popcorn containers from underneath my sofa, inasmuch as the result of this election will certainly not be determined by me or by anyone from Scandinavia.  I suggest you do not vote for either candidate, and furthermore you should write in the name of Hoolar The Giant Crab for President of The United States, otherwise Hoolar may eat you.  I take umbrage at the fact that neither candidate has bothered to address the question of crabs.  Why is it that for countless centuries in the area of Montana we have never heard reports of radioactive giant crabs from Mars eating pigeons?  I think I'm moving to Montana soon, so I can start farming a crop of dental floss.

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Who is this Theodore Dreiser anyway?  Is it the same thing as Theodore Cleaver?  How about Theodore Roosevelt?  Anybody who calls himself Theodore and not Teddy just happens to be a DORK, and if you ever see this Theodore Dreiser guy, you can tell him I said this.  Can you convey this information for me?

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So just cracked then? :)

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who says finally?

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What the actual... Well LF you did it, someone's finally cracked.