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Well it's been the case for a long time that though I see nothing wrong with being plus size I am heavier than I want to be. I've decided to try Trim spa. At first I was apprehensive because it contains caffeine and I normally try to avoid caffeine. Thus far I haven't been having problems with it. This is day two. I feel okay. Maybe a little tired. I do like it that I'm hungry a lot less. It makes it easier to make good choices when I do eat. I'm trying to be careful about what I eat. I do a lot of walking at work. Up to 3 miles a day. So I'm not really worried about exercise just yet. I've also been drinking lots of water. It's very helpful. Actually now when I'm hungry drinking water makes me feel full for a while. That never happens when I'm not on diet pills. Then I just feel sick.

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Well I haven't been taking the trim spa. I did loose 15 lbs just having life happen. For the last three days I've been spending 6 or 7 hours at hard labor. Building houses is not easy. The work is heavy and tiring. So that may result in weight loss. I go back to my regular job today so I can get some rest. ;)

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How's your *die*t coming along StarEnight?? I've decided to start a *die*t myself. Going to LA Weight Loss today. Wish me Luck..I'll keep you posted.

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Good Luck, I know first hand about the diet thing. Been on so many have lost count. I too would like to be a smaller size, still not thin, but just smaller. Also keep walking, many health benefits.

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