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Getting started, I need some input please.

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Here's the deal. I am married, my wife and I are opening up our relationship but have no intention of splitting up, so a long term relationship is not an option. I love big, Voluptuous women. I like to socialize, drink, and enjoy the company of fun people (especially women). I am honest, impulsive, and repectful, also kind of a bad boy.

1. Will the married but open thing fly?

2. What kind of women am I likely to meet?

3. Am I just wasting my time here?


I'm looking for sincere honest input. Thanks

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Hi Skyote,


I believe if you can find someone who can follow you and your wifes rules than go for it we are all adults here.  But you will have to make sure that person isn't looking for a long term relationship.  Be careful and do your homework. NINI

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Hello Skyote

In reading your blog, I think you should ask yourself this,

Is what you stand to gain from opening your relationship with your wife, out weigh what you could lose if your wife feels like someone you bring into ''spending time with'' starts out as only that but leads to feelings?

You said you have to plans on leaving your wife yet do any of us really plan on falling for someone else?

In closing, good luck and always remember its so very easy to over look whats on one side of the fence, when your trying to climb to the other side, even if it is only to spend time with someone new.

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To answer your questions it comes to mind that the answers are to be determined by yourself and your wife first and foremost.  My question to you is; did your wife agree to this because she wanted to, or because you wanted her to? 


How are we (Joe/ Josephine Public) going to know what kind of women you are likely to meet?  Short and simple answer, more than likely from the sublime to the ridiculous, perhaps some mentally un-balanced individuals, scammers, etc.  Who knows? No one knows. Only you will providing you happen to receive any offers from here. 


Once again who knows if you will be wasting your time here.  Prepare yourself for a backlash of disdain.  Just my opinion.