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getting to know me

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I’m 100% new to this, well not social network sites because I’ve been on a few but none of the ones I’ve been on kept me wanting to log in daily. I long for the feeling of a social network home that keeps me wanting to come back. The fact that this site focusing on BBW is beautiful because there is no "oh you’re a big girl…” surprises or you know the “can I see a picture of you” after getting to know someone and they immediate log off? I have always had a trouble in accepting my body and going to extremes to change what I hated but I have slowly become more and more comfortable, with which I am. I’m learning to embrace every curve I got! This site I hope will help me do that a lot easier! I’m 21 years old (as of July 2nd) single & have NO KIDS! I live in Toronto, Canada where I was born and raised. I’m currently working for a newspaper as a photographer and I do freelance photography on the side. I’m going back to school to upgrade on some courses in order to get into school for photography. I’m an extremely laid-back person so the best way to get to know me is to just chill out and watch movies. I LOVE music and it somewhat completes my life. I’ve prided myself on being able to voice my opinion and be blunt without being a bitch about things that bother me. I’ve never been in love and hopefully I’ll be able to change that soon.

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Hey beautiful!!!!!

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i understand your problem it`s not easy out there for everyone people don`t look @ the inside of a person to reach that person soul i to is a big person i`m also a big man it`s not easy for me also

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I'm sorry for the last comment as I've only been free enough to peek in every now and then, but I totally hear you!

I have a blog in which I told the most horrifying relationship experience I'd ever had. LOL - but I did it to prove to myself that I don't need anyone else to validate that I'm awesome, and a really appreciate that you're doing the same.

I believe that many times larger/large women are told just to "be happy with yourself" or "confident" and that we are expected to just have this solidarity over night - but just as a child learns how to be hateful from its parents, society, and other children - we are taught immediately that we are somehow lesser because we aren't the stereotypically "dainty" female that the masses hold on high pedestals.

It takes A HELLOF A LOT of strength and boldness...which has to be cultivated. I said all that- to say this... You're just 21 and you're way ahead of the game! I was still trying to lose weight to keep a man at that age, and I admire your strength, beauty and realness. I wish you to have awesome results!



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thank you so much <3

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I wish you good luck!

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