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Beware of Scammers

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To all the sincere poeple out there attempting to meet real people, be very cautious with the many scammers that are out there now a days.  Those that within days are "In love" with you, can't wait to meet you, think you are their one true "soulmate'.  Now i'm not saying that it isn't possible to really meet that one special person for you....I'm just asking you to be cautious.  Do not give out your personal information.  If they want to talk, great, but you call them and block your number.  If they have some sudden a tragedy and require you to send funds to help them...please do not be fooled...they are scamming you and some are pretty good too...but don't be taken in. I do believe if it seems to good to be true...then it usually is. 

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Also Watch out for Sites and people that ask for a picture right away. They post the picture on other sites.

I don't know if the women are getting this, I assume they are, but other sites I have been on the ask for a picture right away. If the women send in pictures They then post it on the site they work for with a fake Profile and send quick short  "i love you lets hook up" emails to entice the men to to join the site so you can communicate with them.

Its so silly when the picture shows a blonde woman and the profile says Raven black hair; or " Hit me up I am  local  and the profile reads LA girl looking for ...  Whats the ole line 

God gave men 2 heads... but only enough blood to run one at a time!

So how old is this game!   

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Yeah, they're not very inventive. Especially when I get the same pics from a "different" guy. I find that rather amusing lol.
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Plenty of femail scammers out there too. I've had a bunch try it and know what to look for. Not so much this site but other sites. Once you learn how to trace the IP address in their emails it gets fun though. Most that I dealt with were out of Nigeria and Ghana. Of course they claimed to be in New Hampshire, New York, etc.


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I guess all of us had our fair share of these people. But its not just restricted to this site. I have been to a few other sites in the years. I almost fell into this when I discussed this with friend of mine. Luckily we talked about this and we came to the conclusion about these people. So I have begun to filter out those that are not truthful about where they are from. I have been through enough in my life to know that if any of these are not American, to be wary of their intentions. Its sad that some of these know how to prey on the lonely and that some people I have run across are so intent on being with the first one  they meet that they are easy prey. I talked with one lady that was doing financial transactions with these people and I tried to tell her not to because of what she was doing. Being an ex-G.I. , there were a couple of ladies that tried to get at me writing me as fellow veterans. I am as patriotic as the next person but I do recognize illegal activities in the contents of their correspondance. I know there are nice people out there but now-a-days all of us must be very careful and don't lose your heart to the first pretty face you see. A young Marine I met in the Philippines many years ago put it best:"Beauty may be skin-deep but ugly is to the bone!!" So this is why looks is NOT every thing to me. It is what is in your heart.

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I see that we are meeting the same people, lol.....As for the email, its easy to set up one that is not attached to anything personal....oh and not all of them spell horribly, so be careful there as well.  I met one who really is quite educated, very well versed in writings and rather up to date on our politics....nearly got me, however, his true colors came out soon enough.....that one really angered me though.  It makes it hard to believe anyone anymore really...out of 10 there may be 1 real person.  Sad and disappointing.

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Yes it seems as if there are far too many scammers on line. They use fake pictures and often have last names that should be first names ie (James John). They say they are engineers and have a Master's degree but they can't spell. Some get into your email address and bother your contacts. It's a shame for those who just want to meet some nice people to have their time wasted by fakes. Just be cautious and don't give out your email address as they often ask you right away for it. 

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You are so right...its both men and women and its disgusting!!!  I guess its hard for LF to keep up with them as well. I mean they are soon as they think they have you hooked, they ask to take your profile off of the site claiming they already did...and of course they do because they can't use it anymore after they get seen for what they are.

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1 year ago
So true but it is not only guys doing the scamming .I my self have had a few ladies try to scam me .To me what is frustrating is when you get a wink from some one and they have been booted , you figure LF's would pull the scam emails and winks.