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thought I would give this a try.

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I don't know anything about blogs so I'm just writing to write...I'm bored and thinking about getting a hobby but I'm not sure what it should be or even If I have enough free time... their is always the weekends though, I usually have those to myself. All I do rite now is go to school and work. I really want someone to hang out with and to go somewhere nice that I haven't been to before. I will be going on vacation to Panama the 3rd week of July if I git the money. At lease it will be something different to do so don't be supprised if I'm not on this site much that month. Got to go... whoever bothers to read this have a nice day.

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your very pretty tigress. hope things go well for you.

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well how are you curvy? it would b nice to talk to you. here is something about me.. i am a college student and also help people with math, so i work there as a tutor. i enjoy all sorts of things. doesnt matter really, i like to have fun and sometimes that can be anything. the name i use is my grandfathers which is 3/4 cherokee indian. in all the names a person tries to use, this one went right off the start. i actually added my age though. but i was amazed by it and thought i would share with you why the name... so, what do you go to college for, your major? mine is an architect but having a few problems with continuing my education for a bachelors degree. where i am the college doesnt have the classes. so i have a asso. degree in it and would like to get a bachelors. i have 2 degrees though and one is in the arts for when i was going for law. i dont really do much while in school. . i would post it for you to see but against the rules. seems pretty strict, personally, but even worms have to feed.. lol.. just kidding. in conclusion: you are a very pretty woman and i think we should talk sometime. being a college student, its kind of hard to afford much, as you probly know. so, here is a wish in waiting! i posted my pic so you can see me. check it out.. just dont cut me too hard. i actually was taken on surprise by my cousin when i first got up in the morning. he had stopped by. well, have a good day and maybe we can talk later sometime.

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hello again tigress.. i guess i have to be a member because the webasster is greedy and i have to be a member and spend all this money out to speak with someone. although, hehe, you are awesome tigress!! i would very much like to talk with you and get to know you better. maybe, some day soon but even now isnt soon enough! sincerely yours greenbarry33

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I just wanted you to know I did read what you wrote so it was not a waste of time for you to write it.I hope you having a wonderful day . ttyl

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what's up sexy how are you doing just fine i hope holla back

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hi tigress.. i am in college also but i dont fall asleep in class fortunately. i can understadn how imbarrassing it would be though. then to miss a lecture.. wow! makes it rough. i go to west kentucky technical college. got 2 asso degrees and deciding what i am going to finish in. write back if you want. would like ot hear from you!

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