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Wow is been so long

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Posted on May 20, 2014 at 06:56 PM

Hello guys is been a loooong time since i post something in here, wow almost a month and half, well looks like i am the only guy using this and more people are reading my bad writing =), i will try to write something today, wow i dont know where do i start.


Well after the event that shake my hometown 1st april (yeah april fols good joke earth), i would not lie to you guys is been hectic, helping rebuilding homes, gathering food for the people, job is been stressful and all that, well a guy may crack under that circustance but if it wasnt for some yoga class that i take long ago i would crack so for the mens  reading this yoga isnt just for see the butts of women in thight pants =P it really works.


i would try take and make a topic today and  will be cheaters , Ufff nasty topic many of guys reading this i mean mens and womens haven been cheated, and isnt nice at all we all agreed that, but what make a person cheat another.


Maybe is because another person appear and you want to change because you are bored of the same thing, maybe she/he was too abusive,or maybe there is constant fight and you deserve something better or maybe we made a mistake an awful mistake that cant be solve.


I been thinking on that i just knew that one of my friends is the lover of a guy who is married and have 3 kids can you believe that, how crazy is that but  before thinking what you are thinking read the complete story before taking conclussion.


Lovers, marriage,well is all made of two and you may think that my friend was the first one who make the move and want to be with him, wrong is the opposite he was the one who make the move and was talking so nice but something was wrong i can feel it in that moment ( in my chicken nuggets) =)


Time pass fast and when you know it, there was the answer to your guts, he was married now there is a problem with this my friend is complety in love with this guys already knowing this and now here is my problem, my morals doesnt allow to keep someone like her, but my bond of frienship (almost 13 years) wants to help her and try to make understand that he just want to use her and then he will pass to next girl, i try to make her understand the situation but is like talking to wall that never going to crack. 


I hope you guys can help me with this, comment your opinnion in this matter i am confused here =(

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Posted on May 28, 2014 at 05:37 PM Total posts: 1

To answer your question...There are so many reasons. I've noticed that more cheating episodes are from boredom and the need to add a little drama/flair to life(no big surprise there...humans spend more money on entertainment than they should). I'm not into cheating yet I try not to judge - It is what it is. They're adults(and not my kids) who should know better. If that's the life they choose...the fallout/consequences are their burden to bare.