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USA news reporter make me laugh sometimes

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1 year ago

Guys and girls sorry for my delay but this 24 hours have been very stressfull we had a massive earthquake here where i live , yes people i am from chile, the lands of earthquakes and fearless people, well not actually more like indoctrinated to resist an earthquake.


A few days before this event that most of people would not care about it, i saw in youtube a news reporter that was hidding under a desk for a earthquake of 4.4 really?, i truly believe that hie was joking, here the news reporter with 6,5 still gives the news and keeps calm to not panic everyone who is watching  if you dont believe check youtube.


But earthquakes are scariest thing that  it could happen to you, just imagine being on top of a washing machine its almost  the same effect but you cant get down of this machine, like i said here we always have 4.4 , 5.6 earthquakes but we care about the ones that are 6.0 or above the others we dont care about it, but yesterday was another story we receive  a earthquake of 8.2, many of you folks maybe watch news and saw this one, you can not imagine how it was in that moment complete dark, no water, no electricity and also the worst of all being alone and also the aftershocks thats is the worst i think.


if ask what should you do if something like this happen  i will tell even if you dont want to know, first dont panic, is  always your worst enemy, second never let your instinct controls you as animals we have the instinct of survival but that attribute  isnt a good tool  in this kind of situation you have to think as a human no like animal , third use your brain and seek safe spots  never under any circuntances be under the bed in this situation is a death trap to escape always use the triangle of life if you dont know use google, and fourth be prepare have a backpack with anything you need water, food (snickers, cereal bars, energy bars anything that have a lot fat, because you will need it ) flash light , batteries  radio no cell phones because the battery runs out very easy and you should use it only if you are sure that you will have signal, or you can be able to recharg the phone, a coat and the most important cigarretes, why?? they worth more than gold in this events.


that the basic from here you can have your own ideas how to improve

be safe, be prepared and always remember you are human and you are smart



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1 year ago

thank you for the comment , but i think a little more letters will be better =P