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The touch on go situation

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1 year ago

Many of you folks who are traveleres have pass this situation the touch on go situation , im a traveler i like to travel a meet new people, when you go to a country  and meet a woman or man  its depend of  gender or what you like (open to all interpretation) i dont maybe its the passion of the moment or its the adventure that comes with that  but i dont know  exactly what happend in that moment but its close to making love not  just raw s** how its  everyone  thinking


its is something strange and it depends which side you are, what do i mean with that; well sometimes the person who you have that moment of intimacy feel more just than just sex and well thats the problem and its hard to undentify this persons and always come with the problem that they are always seeking and maybe you dont want it in your life (they are so many excuses for that) or you just was to calm your hormons who knows,


And the other part when you are that person yeah thats right; the person who seek the other one for more; i dont know romance, marriage, who can guess what kind of idea pass trough your mind in that moment; and its not nice all; it depends you can feel that you haven used, that he or she play with your feelings for that moment,or feel dirty just for that moment  just have to remember how good or bad it was dont focus in the person focus on the moment and make it a experience for you


Also if you are the second person that i mentioned do not the same i believe in karma and when you something wrong knowing that maybe you will hurt somebody feelings please dont do it