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Posted on Aug 15, 2014 at 11:45 PM

Hi there


to the point , time ago I start writing this blog to help people, some of  them apreciate others dont care,

but today i come with something different..


One of my first post was about scammers and tips to protect yourself but this site has change since that day now it doesnt allow click and drag pictures to google images to search and check if the person that you are talking is real or not


Now you actually have to download the small pictures  in his/her album to check in google, in my personal opinion there is something fishy about this.


you can thinl that maybe i am paranoid but beleive me, meeting people through the internet is dangerous and the guys who try to steal the money out of you are professionals


well see you next time

When the lives with you lemons make orange juice its much better =) if you like post a comment also if you dont like post a comment =D
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