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Scammer what f***** is this

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Well we are in the age of new era of technology and with that the new thiefs, bad people you name  i call them scum they exploit the weakness of good people, and play with their feelings in this site i had came across with 5 scammers  that i had report  them well there are easy reconize if he or she to good to be true its because it is

just drag their pictures into a google page (options image) and bam!! you will see their entire profile of scaming another thing scammer use the same "about me" and "my mate" section,  just put text in the google and bam!!! you will see the exact same word been used over and over in diferents sites, scammers always use the same pattern they take you  outside of the site and start send you pictures there are not fake  the only problems its that belong to another person, they tell a nice story ( i think they should be writers no scammers ) they almost make you cry always start talking and showing to much interest in you, they ask for photos income family house everything, this events happend very fast so have to keep an eye on it.


Another thing scammers dont use camera there its always the same excuse  " my camera its not working or i dont have a camera (so how do take your picture)" come on people we live the modern era, everything have a cam attach to it pc, phones even some toilets have cam (strange dont you think) 


when you are willing to go outside of the site personally i always ask for photo  a selfie with  piece  of paper with her Username easy i only do it with people that arent  verified; i do the same even  if im a verified member i send a picture of my self with my name on it so we both know that we are real person and not the "scum" that  they are trying to steal our money, and i think i make this reporting scammers a hobbie i had so much fun thinking how the poor guy its trying to enter the site and a message appear "you are banned"


Always trust your instinct even if you are blind for the necesity of finding a mate



so tell me your story about it im happy to ear it or well read it

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They seem to always ask me what I do for work. that is a big red flag to me because it is one of the first questions. In my opinion a man truly interested in me may muster up a ,"hello, how was your day?",  before asking about my finances.


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Just wanted to say LadyDiann57, I thought I was the only one that was getting a whole bunch of scammers.  Your response to them is very funny.  Good for you.


They usually are widowed and have 1 child ... no parents or siblings and are typically "God" fearing folk



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Posted on May 21, 2014 at 09:09 PM 1 Like Reply / Add Comments Quote Report
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  I get 15-20 scam men daily. I like to lead them on a little. I tell them I am a widow with money and looking for my soul mate. I can usually lead them on for a week but my record is 6 weeks. When they get angry that I'm not sharing my information with them I send them this message.     I enjoyed chatting with you and was so impressed with your lack of honesty and integrity.  I am not who you think I am.  I am an alien from the purple planet Odrap. I have been sent here by my elders to find stupid men like you who prey on lonely women and try to scam them. We are willing to end this by beaming you up to my planet and you will be probed long and hard by hairy purple aliens until you can prove you will no longer scam poor lonely women! My name is Yugbmudenoerauoy. For short my family of aliens call me Yuggi. If your willing to relocate I can have my spaceship stop by and pick you up tonight. Just give me your address, your cell phone number, a million dollars and your e-mail information. No need to bring clothes we are a naked purple race. Look forward to probing you. Yuggi   

The longer I can lead them on thats 1 less woman they can scam. The alien name Yugbmudenoerauoy is : you are one dumb guy spelled backwards!

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Thank you for your comment and sharing your experience in this matter; most of people in this site doesnt know how protect themself from this scum.


If with this post i can help another person,  i will be very happy just with that, share your experience with others, so they will be prepared  and if you dont havent pass for this experience read this,  maybe my english isnt  the best;  i know that, but protect yourself by learning  form the experience of  others 


and this  happen in every dating site

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I had one that told me all the things i wanted to hear, Then he hit me with " My job took me out of town andI need help. he has this chech he need to deposit amd can I help him"  I help him alright right to the crub. He could never talk on the phone always yahoo messenger. They make it really hard for the real one.

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I appreciate  you share  your story  with  this problem as premium user we are a target for this scum so we always have to be careful in this matter


be safe trust your instincts and never ever send nude pics, thats another tactic if forget to mention scammers use  this tactic to blackmail you later


And if  you ever come across with this scum report immediately so nobody else have feel what you feel in that  moment when know the truth behind the lies.

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Posted on Mar 16, 2014 at 07:48 PM Reply / Add Comments Quote Report
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thanks for the info i didnt know how to do that search image, i fell for a guy so super sweet, a guy that was eveything i was looking for according to my profile, but i asked him to skyp he never downloaded, i asked him to whatsapp on his phone i didnt ever get a reply back. Only phone conversation then he stopped calling cause i guess he knew i really wanted to see him. i have serveral pictures of him and his son seemed to be real but i was kinda hurt. i saw this program on catfish where they drag and drop pics in google but i dont think i did it right cause sites would come up where i had to pay to get info. so thanks - alice in texas

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