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Profiles !!!! things you should know

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Posted on Mar 19, 2014 at 06:57 PM

If notice by now im that kind of person that who is curious about everything i can`t remeber the last i didn`t want to know of something


Well boys and girls im going to write about profiles, no how to write it  for that just search and im not the most qualify person to give an advice in this matter. but what it the idea to make a profile maybe i will help, i know i know people will think who am i to give advice well nobody that there is your answer


but if  you are still reading this there are some things you should know, first be honest i came across with i dont know how many profiles of ladies who write herself in some sections  with the option no and in the "about me" section or pictures are complety different,  most of the men and ladies will read what  they are looking for  status, relationship, age , height, type of body and childrens from all the people i talk via email (from site of course) i always warn her that im not near close to her and just dissapear after three or four emails =) (maybe i scare her away to handsome for her =D ) and  i notice they didnt read all the profile maybe 3 or 4 but not more than that actually read the complete profile.


so if you want to make a profile think as you are selling your self this actually will sound a litle strange but think as you ara selling a car but do the right thing and always say the truth.


i was just checking a section BBW beauty and i  see actually beatiful women  that they should be doing modeling for magazines  but i check their profiles and most of them;  they havent log in a long time and when i said long its looooooong time , but here is sad part in this story,  i just saw guys (free members) that actually are trying to contact her and the most saddest part its that this people  have two option 


1.- become a premium member and try to reach her by email and maybe he will have a bad experience when he realize that the girl who want to meet its no longer in the site


2.- just  quit trying to find a girl in this site and he move along, but this come with a repercuccion they leave they profile inactive the when a girl see his profile and try to reach him this create cycle that never ends


personlly i meet amaizing people in this site (the ones  who want to chat of course) with great life experience and unbelieve stories.


i whould like to know if actually is BHM option just for curiosity please let me know .


see you later





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