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Extrange requests

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1 year ago

I well to be honest i am not that lucky to meet women in this site well i think thats maybe im from another country but thats is not what im talking today.


A few days before i was talking to nice lady and she ask me "when you gonna request nude pics from me" i said "what? wait  why should  request something like that im not a catfish or a scammer im just me trying to know you and you know me" thats all she said to me that other guys have been asking for nudes pics of her.


And even I have this strange request that i have to send nude pics of myself and i wont do it, true that im searching for someone and my expectation are more high that some people think i can manage but is not what all want to achieve finding that right person to get next beside him or her


I dont know you guys or girls but if you want to see nude pics well go to site that offer that kind of stuff, you dont belong here there plenty of sites that show and offer that kind of stuff well  


Personally i think that are good people trying to reach their goal to know someone trough this site and have feelings and dreams that maybe just maybe a litle chance to knowing that special one be in this site.


All what i have been writing in this week are my thoughts and my experience in some cases that i want to share with you


see you soon


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1 year ago

Thank you for you comment; I see this problem havent  change at all, the internet world can be a bad place if you dont take precautions ( •_•)>⌐■-■

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I am a female and I can understand  some of it.She should not have jumped on you. I have been spoken too rudely and asked to send nudes etc. I agree not al are looking for that you have to keep llocooking 


good luck