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Dating and knowing somebody from another country

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1 year ago

This topic is inspire in me, well first knowing somebody its always hard culture, experience, beleifs, future, food almost everything its hard to really know somebody from another country also you will have fear from them


Why? if you are asking youself  well the list long but i will  tried to make short


-maybe she/he its married and just want an affair

-maybe she/he are thief 

-maybe she/he just want to relocate and they are making an excuse to move inside of your countrie

-maybe she/he have criminal record and just gonna start another

-maybe she/he wants money beacuse your status ( do not take for scammers)


and well list its continues but if manage to controls those fears maybe its a slight chance that you meet someone from another country


also the there another fact that i forgot to mention WORK each of you have a life on your country contacts, knowlegde, career and many other stuff when somebody comes to your country it will be hard for them it will be hell if ask me, and this apply to you as well if your move to another country you will no have friends close and  will have to relay in you mate if are lucky he/she will support in every way posible also this will be a test for both of you to see how hard your relationship work at first its going to happend what i call first contac the first time you will see each other faces believe me its the most dificult thing you will ever encouter in your life, 


Well i may skip something the dating well this is the modern era and with that  we have videocalls (hoora) only problem (there always one) the time between them for example i chatting with a girl , im from chile and she is from austrilia, when its my time to sleep she will be at midday (12 hours) so it will be hard to have a videocall or cam  because i will sleepy and she will have all the energy because for her it will just beginning the day also the social interaction  with the girl or the guy, it will be hard i aint lying to you but im not saying it will be imposible


In my short life (because i think im still young just a litle crunchy =P) i came across with people who are be able to pass all this barriers and have a wonderful lifes with beatiful kids, well thats inspire me and make me believe thats it posible its true that you always seek some close to you so keep an eye on him/her and watch if its your true love 


if you think your are truly a open mind person maybe you will have a chance to knowing somebody from a foreign land maybe who knows


personally my experinece its this case left to impression first bad, girl was indeed married and have two spend to weeks in a country with knowing no one but as i always manage to know some nice people who make confortable until i return to my country, the other was very good experience we travel a lot but have to finish she wasnt conmited to have children it was her choice


well i hope you enjoy it reading it because i enjoy writing it


See ya =)