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Courtesy has just left the building

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Posted on Mar 07, 2014 at 06:44 PM

Well if you read my previous post i like to write yeah maybe im not the best writer but i make my best to do it, english itsn`t my mother language but i can manage myself,


Ok courtesy its a good topic dont you think, personally i dont you folks but i had sent i dont how many email winks and post comments in people profile  that i would like to chat unfortunate my rate of success is 10% of reply just reply, 


but why happend this?? maybe its because im from a far land and they see as menace BUUU!! or maybe my lines aren`t strong enough to start a chat or i dont know maybe im to ugly naa my mother says that im beatifull =P , i will never know and i will tell why, people always ignore you,  its more easy to ignore something that confront it.


Every time i sent a email i always wait to see if they respond but not always happen, only one time one girl  amaze me ,she was very kind and let me know that she was seeking for something close to her cool no problem but it was 1 case in 50 (im very happy that at least she take the time to tell me)


If you dont want to be bother make a good profile of yourself every profile i visit i read from top to botton no matter the picture if its say friendship, pen pal ok i admit it friendship yeah you want to see someone close but penpal come on!!! why do you want a penpal in the same city  when you can see it at least one day its absurd and ilogical.


another thing i always read this words  open mind, friendly, and this one make me laugh "dont like to be ignore" if you aren`t in your daily life like this dont lie about it,  and if you dont like to be ignored why you do it??, be yourself yeah in this kind of site we always try fill the pages like a employed form but its truly neccesary to lie about ourselfs


Its been said that in the internet you can be anything well be yourself


reply people if its only so say "no thank you" a little of courtesy will make the world better



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