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Comments in profiles do they really work??

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1 year ago

If you read any of my other you should know by now that i read a lot when i said a lot its a lot believe me , i said before in another post that i read every profile fro top to bottom and also the comments well sometimes are funny to read because sometimes are really love stories others mmm  not so much but also shows to the free members how many times that person enter the site most of guys like me ,well we dont have to much time and we only enter to see one email or how many times my profile has been seen and bla bla 


I thinks comments where design for another purpose and most of guys or girls  its gonna think "yeah yeah you think im stupid its obvious" no guys and girls i dont  say you are stupid ,the crowd its stupid , the individual is smart always think like this way and you will survive in this world


Just yesterday here in my country more specifically in my city we have an earthquake 6.7 nothing bad happend but (there always a but) we had a tsunami alert people where scared, car accidents everywhere and guess what nothing happend, but a few indivuals like myself take control of the situation and we where safe and without harm in less than 5 minutes.


Sorry i take a detour from what i was writing so to they really work this comments honestly mmmm no they dont allow you to write messages with phone numbers , address (for obvious reasson), or even email address, usernames well and list long to put in here i only wish that this site make something new and  allow pm people that you want to know but all this its a game that dont allow you to send a PM *if you want to know my opinion send me wink and i will tell you why* i dont want to be banned or this blog be closed because they will do it and i suppose that the emails are confident naa probably they will check the emails that we send each other in this site


but like said before comments not the best choice to contact somebody specially if dont know the last time he or she enter the site so if really really are you sure to spend money in this site make sure you enter regulary most of the free users see this and never enter the site again so if you are a free member i will give a free tip first send a wink and also check their comments section and track  them so you will know when it was the last time he contact another user this will give a aproximate when it was the last time he or she enters


See you soon