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  • Well where do i start
  • Well im person who never run out of topics i always something new to write, I like to know the stories  from the people around the world come read something maybe you will enjoy it


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SCAMMER ALERT!!!! Posted on Oct 12, 2014 at 01:59 PM
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Something that maybe will catch your attention Posted on Aug 15, 2014 at 11:45 PM

Hi there


to the point , time ago I start writing this blog to help people, some of  them apreciate others dont care,

but today i come with something different..


One of my first post was about scammers and tips to protect yourself but this site has change since that day now it doesnt allow click and drag pictures to google images to search and check if the person that you are talking is real or not


Now you actually have to download the small pictures  in his/her album to check in google, in my personal opinion there is something fishy about this.


you can thinl that maybe i am paranoid but beleive me, meeting people through the internet is dangerous and the guys who try to steal the money out of you are professionals


well see you next time

Wow is been so long Posted on May 20, 2014 at 06:56 PM

Hello guys is been a loooong time since i post something in here, wow almost a month and half, well looks like i am the only guy using this and more people are reading my bad writing =), i will try to write something today, wow i dont know where do i start.


Well after the event that shake my hometown 1st april (yeah april fols good joke earth), i would not lie to you guys is been hectic, helping rebuilding homes, gathering food for the people, job is been stressful and all that, well a guy may crack under that circustance but if it wasnt for some yoga class that i take long ago i would crack so for the mens  reading this yoga isnt just for see the butts of women in thight pants =P it really works.


i would try take and make a topic today and  will be cheaters , Ufff nasty topic many of guys reading this i mean mens and womens haven been cheated, and isnt nice at all we all agreed that, but what make a person cheat another.


Maybe is because another person appear and you want to change because you are bored of the same thing, maybe she/he was too abusive,or maybe there is constant fight and you deserve something better or maybe we made a mistake an awful mistake that cant be solve.


I been thinking on that i just knew that one of my friends is the lover of a guy who is married and have 3 kids can you believe that, how crazy is that but  before thinking what you are thinking read the complete story before taking conclussion.


Lovers, marriage,well is all made of two and you may think that my friend was the first one who make the move and want to be with him, wrong is the opposite he was the one who make the move and was talking so nice but something was wrong i can feel it in that moment ( in my chicken nuggets) =)


Time pass fast and when you know it, there was the answer to your guts, he was married now there is a problem with this my friend is complety in love with this guys already knowing this and now here is my problem, my morals doesnt allow to keep someone like her, but my bond of frienship (almost 13 years) wants to help her and try to make understand that he just want to use her and then he will pass to next girl, i try to make her understand the situation but is like talking to wall that never going to crack. 


I hope you guys can help me with this, comment your opinnion in this matter i am confused here =(

USA news reporter make me laugh sometimes Posted on Apr 02, 2014 at 05:49 PM

Guys and girls sorry for my delay but this 24 hours have been very stressfull we had a massive earthquake here where i live , yes people i am from chile, the lands of earthquakes and fearless people, well not actually more like indoctrinated to resist an earthquake.


A few days before this event that most of people would not care about it, i saw in youtube a news reporter that was hidding under a desk for a earthquake of 4.4 really?, i truly believe that hie was joking, here the news reporter with 6,5 still gives the news and keeps calm to not panic everyone who is watching  if you dont believe check youtube.


But earthquakes are scariest thing that  it could happen to you, just imagine being on top of a washing machine its almost  the same effect but you cant get down of this machine, like i said here we always have 4.4 , 5.6 earthquakes but we care about the ones that are 6.0 or above the others we dont care about it, but yesterday was another story we receive  a earthquake of 8.2, many of you folks maybe watch news and saw this one, you can not imagine how it was in that moment complete dark, no water, no electricity and also the worst of all being alone and also the aftershocks thats is the worst i think.


if ask what should you do if something like this happen  i will tell even if you dont want to know, first dont panic, is  always your worst enemy, second never let your instinct controls you as animals we have the instinct of survival but that attribute  isnt a good tool  in this kind of situation you have to think as a human no like animal , third use your brain and seek safe spots  never under any circuntances be under the bed in this situation is a death trap to escape always use the triangle of life if you dont know use google, and fourth be prepare have a backpack with anything you need water, food (snickers, cereal bars, energy bars anything that have a lot fat, because you will need it ) flash light , batteries  radio no cell phones because the battery runs out very easy and you should use it only if you are sure that you will have signal, or you can be able to recharg the phone, a coat and the most important cigarretes, why?? they worth more than gold in this events.


that the basic from here you can have your own ideas how to improve

be safe, be prepared and always remember you are human and you are smart



Profiles !!!! things you should know Posted on Mar 19, 2014 at 06:57 PM

If notice by now im that kind of person that who is curious about everything i can`t remeber the last i didn`t want to know of something


Well boys and girls im going to write about profiles, no how to write it  for that just search and im not the most qualify person to give an advice in this matter. but what it the idea to make a profile maybe i will help, i know i know people will think who am i to give advice well nobody that there is your answer


but if  you are still reading this there are some things you should know, first be honest i came across with i dont know how many profiles of ladies who write herself in some sections  with the option no and in the "about me" section or pictures are complety different,  most of the men and ladies will read what  they are looking for  status, relationship, age , height, type of body and childrens from all the people i talk via email (from site of course) i always warn her that im not near close to her and just dissapear after three or four emails =) (maybe i scare her away to handsome for her =D ) and  i notice they didnt read all the profile maybe 3 or 4 but not more than that actually read the complete profile.


so if you want to make a profile think as you are selling your self this actually will sound a litle strange but think as you ara selling a car but do the right thing and always say the truth.


i was just checking a section BBW beauty and i  see actually beatiful women  that they should be doing modeling for magazines  but i check their profiles and most of them;  they havent log in a long time and when i said long its looooooong time , but here is sad part in this story,  i just saw guys (free members) that actually are trying to contact her and the most saddest part its that this people  have two option 


1.- become a premium member and try to reach her by email and maybe he will have a bad experience when he realize that the girl who want to meet its no longer in the site


2.- just  quit trying to find a girl in this site and he move along, but this come with a repercuccion they leave they profile inactive the when a girl see his profile and try to reach him this create cycle that never ends


personlly i meet amaizing people in this site (the ones  who want to chat of course) with great life experience and unbelieve stories.


i whould like to know if actually is BHM option just for curiosity please let me know .


see you later





Comments in profiles do they really work?? Posted on Mar 17, 2014 at 06:09 PM

If you read any of my other you should know by now that i read a lot when i said a lot its a lot believe me , i said before in another post that i read every profile fro top to bottom and also the comments well sometimes are funny to read because sometimes are really love stories others mmm  not so much but also shows to the free members how many times that person enter the site most of guys like me ,well we dont have to much time and we only enter to see one email or how many times my profile has been seen and bla bla 


I thinks comments where design for another purpose and most of guys or girls  its gonna think "yeah yeah you think im stupid its obvious" no guys and girls i dont  say you are stupid ,the crowd its stupid , the individual is smart always think like this way and you will survive in this world


Just yesterday here in my country more specifically in my city we have an earthquake 6.7 nothing bad happend but (there always a but) we had a tsunami alert people where scared, car accidents everywhere and guess what nothing happend, but a few indivuals like myself take control of the situation and we where safe and without harm in less than 5 minutes.


Sorry i take a detour from what i was writing so to they really work this comments honestly mmmm no they dont allow you to write messages with phone numbers , address (for obvious reasson), or even email address, usernames well and list long to put in here i only wish that this site make something new and  allow pm people that you want to know but all this its a game that dont allow you to send a PM *if you want to know my opinion send me wink and i will tell you why* i dont want to be banned or this blog be closed because they will do it and i suppose that the emails are confident naa probably they will check the emails that we send each other in this site


but like said before comments not the best choice to contact somebody specially if dont know the last time he or she enter the site so if really really are you sure to spend money in this site make sure you enter regulary most of the free users see this and never enter the site again so if you are a free member i will give a free tip first send a wink and also check their comments section and track  them so you will know when it was the last time he contact another user this will give a aproximate when it was the last time he or she enters


See you soon

Extrange requests Posted on Mar 15, 2014 at 09:37 PM

I well to be honest i am not that lucky to meet women in this site well i think thats maybe im from another country but thats is not what im talking today.


A few days before i was talking to nice lady and she ask me "when you gonna request nude pics from me" i said "what? wait  why should  request something like that im not a catfish or a scammer im just me trying to know you and you know me" thats all she said to me that other guys have been asking for nudes pics of her.


And even I have this strange request that i have to send nude pics of myself and i wont do it, true that im searching for someone and my expectation are more high that some people think i can manage but is not what all want to achieve finding that right person to get next beside him or her


I dont know you guys or girls but if you want to see nude pics well go to site that offer that kind of stuff, you dont belong here there plenty of sites that show and offer that kind of stuff well  


Personally i think that are good people trying to reach their goal to know someone trough this site and have feelings and dreams that maybe just maybe a litle chance to knowing that special one be in this site.


All what i have been writing in this week are my thoughts and my experience in some cases that i want to share with you


see you soon


how responsive i must be for not scaring people Posted on Mar 13, 2014 at 06:51 PM

If you are reading this thats mean that the title grab you attention, I am premium user and one of my advantages to be premiun its that i can send emails  the only problem its that some users dont reply to much  or reply very selectivly and that my friend scare people away and believe me it really scare you away because you  dont want to waste energy  in someone who isnt going to reply 


this site show to me how responsive is any member of this site and sometimes i came across with people who i want to know but like a said they reply very selectivly or selectivly most of the premium user wont ever tried to contact you because they think it will be a waste of time others like me are stubborn like a mule and they will try but only once when it comes to the second email maybe will reply "now im no interest in you " and they  just walk away


 personally  i send a wink and if they send me a wink back i will email her and also i send email only to the users that reply often i dont waste time trying to know people thats just ignores


you never waste a chance to know new people you never know maybe it wont be perfect but i will close enough


The touch on go situation Posted on Mar 12, 2014 at 08:32 PM

Many of you folks who are traveleres have pass this situation the touch on go situation , im a traveler i like to travel a meet new people, when you go to a country  and meet a woman or man  its depend of  gender or what you like (open to all interpretation) i dont maybe its the passion of the moment or its the adventure that comes with that  but i dont know  exactly what happend in that moment but its close to making love not  just raw s** how its  everyone  thinking


its is something strange and it depends which side you are, what do i mean with that; well sometimes the person who you have that moment of intimacy feel more just than just sex and well thats the problem and its hard to undentify this persons and always come with the problem that they are always seeking and maybe you dont want it in your life (they are so many excuses for that) or you just was to calm your hormons who knows,


And the other part when you are that person yeah thats right; the person who seek the other one for more; i dont know romance, marriage, who can guess what kind of idea pass trough your mind in that moment; and its not nice all; it depends you can feel that you haven used, that he or she play with your feelings for that moment,or feel dirty just for that moment  just have to remember how good or bad it was dont focus in the person focus on the moment and make it a experience for you


Also if you are the second person that i mentioned do not the same i believe in karma and when you something wrong knowing that maybe you will hurt somebody feelings please dont do it

Dating and knowing somebody from another country Posted on Mar 10, 2014 at 07:10 PM

This topic is inspire in me, well first knowing somebody its always hard culture, experience, beleifs, future, food almost everything its hard to really know somebody from another country also you will have fear from them


Why? if you are asking youself  well the list long but i will  tried to make short


-maybe she/he its married and just want an affair

-maybe she/he are thief 

-maybe she/he just want to relocate and they are making an excuse to move inside of your countrie

-maybe she/he have criminal record and just gonna start another

-maybe she/he wants money beacuse your status ( do not take for scammers)


and well list its continues but if manage to controls those fears maybe its a slight chance that you meet someone from another country


also the there another fact that i forgot to mention WORK each of you have a life on your country contacts, knowlegde, career and many other stuff when somebody comes to your country it will be hard for them it will be hell if ask me, and this apply to you as well if your move to another country you will no have friends close and  will have to relay in you mate if are lucky he/she will support in every way posible also this will be a test for both of you to see how hard your relationship work at first its going to happend what i call first contac the first time you will see each other faces believe me its the most dificult thing you will ever encouter in your life, 


Well i may skip something the dating well this is the modern era and with that  we have videocalls (hoora) only problem (there always one) the time between them for example i chatting with a girl , im from chile and she is from austrilia, when its my time to sleep she will be at midday (12 hours) so it will be hard to have a videocall or cam  because i will sleepy and she will have all the energy because for her it will just beginning the day also the social interaction  with the girl or the guy, it will be hard i aint lying to you but im not saying it will be imposible


In my short life (because i think im still young just a litle crunchy =P) i came across with people who are be able to pass all this barriers and have a wonderful lifes with beatiful kids, well thats inspire me and make me believe thats it posible its true that you always seek some close to you so keep an eye on him/her and watch if its your true love 


if you think your are truly a open mind person maybe you will have a chance to knowing somebody from a foreign land maybe who knows


personally my experinece its this case left to impression first bad, girl was indeed married and have two spend to weeks in a country with knowing no one but as i always manage to know some nice people who make confortable until i return to my country, the other was very good experience we travel a lot but have to finish she wasnt conmited to have children it was her choice


well i hope you enjoy it reading it because i enjoy writing it


See ya =)

Becoming a Premium User is it worth it?? Posted on Mar 07, 2014 at 10:43 PM

OK i think this will be my last entry for today if you are asking to yourself " should  i get a premium account  to know more people" well its depends for what are planning or what motive do you want to become premium, honestly for me its was curiosity to know who enter my profile and for make the first contact you can say.


the pro of being premium well you can see who visit you profile send emails the most useful is that you can see if you are interest in someone their last login and other stuff that you see in the site also you can become shinny when they search for users (  uhh fancy) doesnt work how should be


the con well the idea of sending emails its that the other person reply right, not always happend and maybe you ask your self why do i spend 30 dollars in this site when i can spend in something else


well its always depends of you, i give the pros and the con its up to you if you want it or not its your money after all


also becoming premium attracts scammers so be careful if you want to know how to protect yourself check the others post


well see you soon



Courtesy has just left the building Posted on Mar 07, 2014 at 06:44 PM

Well if you read my previous post i like to write yeah maybe im not the best writer but i make my best to do it, english itsn`t my mother language but i can manage myself,


Ok courtesy its a good topic dont you think, personally i dont you folks but i had sent i dont how many email winks and post comments in people profile  that i would like to chat unfortunate my rate of success is 10% of reply just reply, 


but why happend this?? maybe its because im from a far land and they see as menace BUUU!! or maybe my lines aren`t strong enough to start a chat or i dont know maybe im to ugly naa my mother says that im beatifull =P , i will never know and i will tell why, people always ignore you,  its more easy to ignore something that confront it.


Every time i sent a email i always wait to see if they respond but not always happen, only one time one girl  amaze me ,she was very kind and let me know that she was seeking for something close to her cool no problem but it was 1 case in 50 (im very happy that at least she take the time to tell me)


If you dont want to be bother make a good profile of yourself every profile i visit i read from top to botton no matter the picture if its say friendship, pen pal ok i admit it friendship yeah you want to see someone close but penpal come on!!! why do you want a penpal in the same city  when you can see it at least one day its absurd and ilogical.


another thing i always read this words  open mind, friendly, and this one make me laugh "dont like to be ignore" if you aren`t in your daily life like this dont lie about it,  and if you dont like to be ignored why you do it??, be yourself yeah in this kind of site we always try fill the pages like a employed form but its truly neccesary to lie about ourselfs


Its been said that in the internet you can be anything well be yourself


reply people if its only so say "no thank you" a little of courtesy will make the world better



Scammer what f***** is this Posted on Mar 07, 2014 at 05:23 PM

Well we are in the age of new era of technology and with that the new thiefs, bad people you name  i call them scum they exploit the weakness of good people, and play with their feelings in this site i had came across with 5 scammers  that i had report  them well there are easy reconize if he or she to good to be true its because it is

just drag their pictures into a google page (options image) and bam!! you will see their entire profile of scaming another thing scammer use the same "about me" and "my mate" section,  just put text in the google and bam!!! you will see the exact same word been used over and over in diferents sites, scammers always use the same pattern they take you  outside of the site and start send you pictures there are not fake  the only problems its that belong to another person, they tell a nice story ( i think they should be writers no scammers ) they almost make you cry always start talking and showing to much interest in you, they ask for photos income family house everything, this events happend very fast so have to keep an eye on it.


Another thing scammers dont use camera there its always the same excuse  " my camera its not working or i dont have a camera (so how do take your picture)" come on people we live the modern era, everything have a cam attach to it pc, phones even some toilets have cam (strange dont you think) 


when you are willing to go outside of the site personally i always ask for photo  a selfie with  piece  of paper with her Username easy i only do it with people that arent  verified; i do the same even  if im a verified member i send a picture of my self with my name on it so we both know that we are real person and not the "scum" that  they are trying to steal our money, and i think i make this reporting scammers a hobbie i had so much fun thinking how the poor guy its trying to enter the site and a message appear "you are banned"


Always trust your instinct even if you are blind for the necesity of finding a mate



so tell me your story about it im happy to ear it or well read it