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The Basics of Respect

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A little bit of respect can not only go a long way, it also works towards making the world around you just a little bit better. As another tidbit to consider, consistently showing respect will set you out from the crowd as it is not very common anymore. Think of it as a chance every day and interaction to truly be unique. Respect is a two way street and it also is something that some people see as needing to be earned. There is no better way to earn respect than to be the one that extends it first. 


Some of the easiest acts of respect are opening or holding a door open for somebody. Should you be out with a lady, be it a date or with your long term parter, this is should not be considered an option but a must. Strangers with their hands full will be grateful for this one simple act. When you are out with your lady pull out her chair for her if possible and if she is cold then offer her your coat. The core principal of showing respect is showing a person that they have some importance. 


Exercising basic manners is another way to show respect to somebody. For example, when you are asking for something use "may I please" to request it. Don't forget to say "thank you" and "you're welcome" as well. While these are seemingly simple phrases they extend respect to the person you are interacting with. Think of how many times you have heard somebody just demand something with "I want" or not even acklowledge something has been done for them. If you bump into somebody or need to pass by them, say "excuse me." There is really no excuse to not showing respect when interacting with somebody, so stand out from the masses and stand proud in bringing some respect into the world.


How else can somebody show respect? Just think of how you can show somebody that they have some importance in this world. It's time to step up our game.


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I agree wholeheartedly! It's amazing at how you can take some people by surprise just by being kind and respectful. I don't care what your social status is, what you're wearing, or where you live. Common courtesy (or should I say uncommon?) is becoming a lost "art", so to speak, in general. 


Yes, respect has to be earned, but there is a general level of respect that should be shown to all people, regardless.


Great post!

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Most things that are easy to ask are also very hard to give on a consistent basis. I believe people are not bad in general. Every one is just going through their own shit and is just not paying attention to their behaviour and taking their frustrations on random people. 


Every one needs to chill a bit and stop expecting perfection from others. Only keep expectations from yourself and other peoples lack of respect will not even bother you.


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I have a lil saying..."Civility Costs Nothing"....and it doesnt! Being civil, polite, showing respect doesnt cost you anything, there's no money involved. Its just showing that you acknowledge another human being! Is that so hard to ask?


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