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any tips on long distance relationship

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any advice when you fell for a woman who lives in a different continent and different time zones please

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Sometimes these things work out well, but sometimes they don't. My one experience with that was when I met a guy online and we "fell in love" after many hours of online chat, emails and finally daily hour-long (and expensive) phone calls.

We ended up getting engaged before we had met in person. We had exchanged photos of course. He lived in Australia, me in Texas. The day came that he came to collect me and my young son to take us back to Australia. Yikes!! He had seen my photos but they did not translate for him regarding SIZE. He was a small man (which did not bother me), but I am a big woman (and that bothered him -- a LOT...!!!) End of engagement --  but not before I had already sold almost all my belongings to make the big trip, as well as lost my lease on where I had been living. That was a hard lesson, and what I got from it was this: not to get too attached before meeting IN PERSON.

To be fair, although he rejected me, I must admit that after meeting him in person I was not as happy with him as I had expected. He had personality characteristics that I had not at all picked up in many hours of phone and online chat. There are some things one just cannot learn without meeting the person "in person." Although it was all very devastating for me at the time, soon I was able to look back and say I was very fortunate that he did not like my size -- because his personality was a real turn-off for me!

On the other hand, I know that many have fallen in love from afar and gotten together in person and it has been WONDERFUL too. Best of luck with your love...!!!


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Smoosh nailed it. talk talk and more talk and set up phone dates and to take turn going to see each other. Its hard on one person to always to the traveling. But most inportant you can do it!!!!!!

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Set your alarm clock for your date/chat nights or days and plan a vacation to visit/meet her or vice versa. When I used to visit this site there was a couple who happily married after doing the long distance thing. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Be patient and talk a lot - buy a long distance plan. Talk about everything - send each other links on your interests as well as everyday pics to get to know her and her family. Good Luck! Smoosh

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