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Didn't you just say you were single??? .....Not

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As of late is it just me or do more married and attached men v visit sites such as this proclaiming to be single? I do find that some of these men think that they can secretly live their lives and live double lives. To each its own but let a woman make a choice if she wants to be involved in an affair. So how many of you ladies have ran into this problem? also, most of the guys are married to very slender women. fellows please give us some insight....

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That IS a shame, and not nice. I have no problem being married, nor telling anyone I AM. No one should have a problem with it, but people are sometimes too secretive.

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Ladies some men are selfish and dont consider the fact that yall got feelings too. Some old married man didnt grow past their teenage years thats the reason why some act like real jerk ass. Ladies please do the research on whoever you exchange emails with before allowing them into your lives...

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I have to agree.....recently on another site I met a man that seemed so nice. We had tons in common and had a great first face to face. come to find out after weeks of chatting and plans of a second meet and greet.....he was married with children. On his profile he stated single and continued to tell me he was single. What a shame!

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Some may come to this site to flirt and maybe get a little some thing , something on the side . they may feel it is not cheating .Since there may not be a physcal relationship. However I feel it is cheating none the less on a emotional level. Emotional cheating is just as detrimental to a relationship as the actual physcial kind.They may feel the won't get caught . Sadly they may reach for a "little spice only to destroy the cake they allready have and lose the "spice" as well. I agree a person entering into a relationship with a nother person should have the right to decide If they want to have a relationship with some one when the other is either married or in a committed relationship. As for the men going to the "fluffy side " it may stem to a emotiomal /physcal need to feel safe . Another reason could be the tatcile sensation of warmth that a fuller sized woman has. Also the tone of her body NO skin and bones to poke you back . I my self feel safer in the arms of a larger woman .My self I 'de be afraid to really hold a toothpick sized woman I would be afraid I'de smap her in two If I held her too tight . Other reasons they may feel a larger woman has lower standards hence a easy mark to be used for fullfining a need of theirs . Or the may be "Fluffy " courious .

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