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logging in monthly???

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I've noticed when looking at possiblities that they don't seem to check in very often.Another thing is I don't see anyone in live also curious why the men are working out etc. why the need for big women?

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"why the need for bbw?"


I'm going to say that everyone is born with genetics gathered from our ancestors and past down from our parents. However there are what are known as hidden genes or recessive genes. While there are many recessive genes that don't make it through to your final carbon based make-up there are some that do. Basically the things you like or take particular interest in are your's alone. In other words you're interest is a merge of many other interest before you. The perfect example would be my brother he like skinny women but I love thicker (or whatever term you'd like to use here) women. We share the exact some genetic make-up and raised the exact same way but why are our taste so different? There honestly isn't any real pin-point scientifc answer, by that I mean there isn't a bbw-lover gene (that we know of at least).


As for me I'm the cuddle type and nothing makes me feel more like a man then holding a very soft and warm woman in my arms. It a very empowering feeling and honestly I've never felt that way with any other type of women. On a serious note the most powerful force in exstinstence is love, it the only force that will make you do something you already know ahead of time you're going to regret but truly not care. Kind of like working out, its already encoded into your brain to "dress your best" so to speak when dealing with the opposite sex. Working out is only one of the obvious way a man can get a woman's attention.


A strong man protects and a weak man defects.

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Some people just come in because they're curious, some are looky-lous, and for others life happens. As for men who work out liking big women, why should those two things be mutual exclusive? Big doesn't mean unhealthy, so maybe a guy just likes looking his best or he likes the exercise but he likes curves on his women. I'm guessing you're thinking men pop in for hookups because of the stereotype that big girls do more and accept more being done to them? That may be true for some, too, but who cares, just look for those you like.

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Was curious is all

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Hello As a big woman I am glad that there are men who like me, appreciate me, do not dissect me, and take me as I am. I am also grateful for men who work out. All that hard muscle to feel, to admire. Sometimes opposites do attract. Their hard bodies next to soft bodies. So why do you ask this question? As for men who don't log in often, who knows why? Could be multitude of reasons. I wouldn't waste my time on wondering why, but that's just me. Be well. Qadesh

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