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hi my name is Dwain Alacastro Kevin Moore i was born on may 2 1987 in Calfornia i got 1 brother an 1 sister my mother was killed by my step father when i was two years old an i been in foster care all my life i have no real family for me to fall back on i been in 32 foster homes 26 group homes i stand about 5ft 6incs with black hair an brown eyes... i first got locked up at the age of 16yrs old for stealing my teachers car in high school... than when i was older went to prison for the first time in Chicago ill for selling drugs i did 18 months for that crime... than i moved to Wisconsin to be wit my sons mom an she cheated on me so i left her an meet a girl an i had a one night stand with a gurl an than just found out that i have two twin girls that is the two lil girls that are on my page by her than about jan 9 2007 i was sent to jail for braking in to some ones house an then i did 5monts in the brown county jail in Greenbay Wisconsin an than i was sent to prison for that an i did 30 months for that crime also an i was let out again... than i meet some one that's when i moved to Kansas city Missouri an thing's were good for the most part we were in love an than i went back to prison for 9months an when i got out i came back to Missouri to be wit her an i was told that i need to get married or have kids to live in Missouri so what i do i got married to some one that i was gonna spend the rest of my life wit but that's not what happen... after we got married she change up on me an what i mean by this she be came lazy an controlling an was very physically an emotionally abusive an started cheating on me an doing shit that i didn't like.. by takeing my pay checks an makeing me do a lot of a shit that was not cool wit me at all i was not allow to have a cell phone or have an friends an just last december 16 2012 she came out to one of my friends house an put a gun to my head an so the out come of that was i protected my self an by that i put my hands on her an im oh im not proud of it at all by any means so please dont judge me by what i did but i was afraid for my life yea i was put in jail for three months for that i just got out this april of this year an when i got out she told me tat she cheated on me when i was in jail an had sex in out home an in our bed so i left her an after that i have been in a lot of bad relationships because the woman thought that she could do any thing that she wanted to do to me an thought i was gonna stay around an wait on her but i want not about that life.... when i was 15 i broke my back playin football so i had to teach my self how to walk an than just last year i broke my baick playin football i have been shot i have been stabed i still have a bullet in my foot so with my back being messed up an me being in an out of jail an prison it's very hard for me to work so if me not working is a big issuse with you just tell me so i don't waste your time an u dont waste mine me im cool im laid back i dont do good wit the drama cuz i feel if u wanna have drama in your life u might wanna go turn on your dame tv or netflix or just plan out watch a dame need for lies be cause if you gonna lie to some one just think about some one lieing to u an see how u will fell after the truth is been cant build a relationship on lies...i fell if you wanna play games there are so many board game an game system an go play that mother fucker. i dont dated some one off looks i just did an it was fucked up i will never do it again one n i dont look for whats on the out side in i look for the in side side be cause if your personality is fucked up i will not talk to you i love to cook i love to clean i one very sexual man i love every part of a womans body i love to use my hands im good wit them in every way that you can think of good an bad lmfao have male friends all i ask is that you let them know in the door that friendship is all its gonna be no nude pics no sex no sex talk cua if you say you wanna be wit me than you should not feel the need to do that wit another man if not just go be with him or them an leave me the hell out of it cuz i dont have time for all that drame ma an heartace well if u cool with all of what i just said than talk to me an if there is any part of this that you are not cool with than there is no need for you to try to get with me

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I dont know if you are active on this sight, but i just read this and you are one brave man for putting it all out there! Just wanted to say i've been through a lot in my life too and I hope yours has been going better for you. :)