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Life of a Big & Tall Man

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As a big man (6'3"-260), I've viewed my size as a double-edged sword. On the positive side, I used it to play college football, track and earn my bachelor's in business administration. The 'downside' is that people can't see past the size to get to know the man. It became annoying in college when other students would ask me "What sport you play?" as opposed to "What's your major?" Plus, I had a very hard time feeling comfortable in my own skin, especially on the dating scene. Either I was ignored or approached, but I wondered if it was because I was an athlete or because who I am as a man. Now in my early 40's, I still wrestle with the challenges of being a big man, but it has gotten easier. I sometimes feel the need to isolate myself because I don't feel as confident or out of place. Maybe I'm still that "ugly duckling" from high school who used sports as a means to not deal with the social aspects of life. Now what do I do?

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it is not what is on the out side .it's what is on the inside .be your self.when people have to make crappy comments to hurt someone. there afraid  of people seeing what they r.

i have had that all my life with my family saying mean things .to make them feel good. I am shocked that  some people can even look at them self's in a  me-are. care about your self and love your self for who u r.

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Don't worry what other people think be proud of who you are!

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sorry u feel that u are an ugly duckling. I am sure sports helped u gain confidence. Maybe u could play something.

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Good advise, Dear. Never sell yourself short! But I know what you are saying, being a fat guy who never had the ability to play sports.

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Simply put grow a pair! If you are not comfortable in the skin that you're in the age that you are now, ask yourself when will you be? I am sure that there are attributes within yourself that you have not mentioned, or have not realized. One always needs to take a good hard look at themselves from time to time. It isn't always pretty either. I speak from my own experiences in life. Let me say this to you, you had "sports" to entice, bring company/attention to yourself. Try just being the "fat girl" I learned what I needed to do, needed to be in order to gain self acceptance. It's not easy sweetie, but most things in life that are worth anything are not. You will find your way and possibly someone along the way that may help. Be confident in the man that you are. Women appreciate a man with confidence. Be well. Qadesh

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