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Still havent found anyone

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I dont get people when they say i think i have found him when i havent. I don't think so at all. In fact i am still looking. ;) Its sad to be alone a lot of the time but I accept it. Like the song I still havent found what Im looking for, I havent! Its simply sad when u are 32 and still alone after many years but i accept that I havent met a right person for me yet. It may take me 40 years old until I find him. or more who knows. Whatever God wants for me, I guess I can accept. Or i have met him and dated him but it just isnt the right time. I know I cant be so fussy when it comes to the dates i go on. But guys cant be so fussy either. I cant be desperate either so I am not settling for just anyone. They have to be a good fit so to speak. :) Whather this one guy i see sometimes is right for me i will never know as we both arent into settling down. It is sad really. I am sick of people thinking I think someone is right for me, when I really don't. Its their problem not mine. I wouldn't pick someone and say gee i think he is the right one for me. It has to go both ways! :) I havent met the person it is 2 ways with.
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There is nothing wrong with that! And where does it say anywhere that you have to be with someone to be happy.  Happiness comes from within.....this is true. Love you first!!! and when you do its amazing how others will follow and love you as well!!! You're worth it!!! Good luck!!!