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Following up on 'Friends' Post

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I don't see me ever paying to be a member of this site for several reasons. customer service seems to be non-existent, so do the men, no one in my community responds, discussions are so slow and new ones are rarely started. Having said that, I thank all of the people who have responded to my previous blogs It is a good thing to see new discussion here. I have a question for FRENCHFATWOMAN. Can you describe where you live in France? Is it a large city, small village, by the coast, in a valley,etc.? And how are the men...LOL? I've only ever visited Paris once but that was Paris and not indicative of the entire country. I'd love to know more about life in France. Thank you!

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Grl, that is crazy. Well, if you are trying to pay, you must be having some type of success in meeting people. Can you tell me how your experience has been?

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I agree, I just tried to upgrade and I got a message that my card issuer declined it, which after checking they said no they didn't. Then when I tried to call "24/7" customer service (which isn't even an 800#), the message said they were unavailable. Geez, I'm trying to give them money and they don't seem to want it! LOL

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