I would love to share our tale!!!

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linktolove, Kitchener, ON, Canada

Well I joined largefriends.com on Saturday, Just an hour later I received my first wink, then another, then an email, and another email. Well I figured to be fair I would view the profile of the first lady who winked.

She is very cute and her profile was just great! We emailed back and fourth and agreed to meet on Wednesday evening, early and in a public place!

Well we couldn't chat enough that night and went for a short walk. I was very new to dating as I had been in a long marriage but she took control and grabbed my hand as we walked. Well once we stopped we meet eyes kissed and hugged. We followed up with a long kiss at the car and went our own ways with promises of tomorrow!

Thursday came and we meet again, this time the chat was much easier, well for me anyways. And again we ended with kisses and Big hugs!

Well today is Friday and we have plans again, could a perfect match be found on the first day?? Well our email chat all week showed we had so much in common that it would be very hard to keep us apart!

It feels like I won the lotto but even better then money I found a BBW who really likes me and loves to spend time with me!

I tried a lot of sites but can't believe my great luck here!

Bill and Jen, for a long long time I hope!