I never thought it would happen...

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be****on and justjake, Lakeland, FL, United States

On a whim after my split from my husband, I decided to sign up for largefriends. I did one search, and the first person that popped up was Jake. I read his profile, and it was like magic. Everything he loved or was interested in clicked with me. I sent him an email and the rest was history. After about a month of emailing, I decided to finally take the next step to meet him - I walked into his tattoo shop with a design in hand. Love at first sight...I never believed in that, except in fairy tales or movies, but this was the real thing. A bolt of lightning, a smack in the face...however you want to describe it, it happened to me. We are now living together in complete bliss and plan on getting married by the fall. He's everything I wanted and needed. I love him with everything I have. We fit perfectly. It just goes to show that taking chances and filling out that profile can make fantastic things happen.