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sezzabella and frankie30121972, rochester, United Kingdom


I thought i should share with you, that i met my now fiance from your site and we are getting married this year & expecting our baby in december.

At the end of Aug 2006, My friend gave me a link to go on, it was your site. So i joined it-not expecting anything because to me these sorts of sites are all the same...How wrong was i!!!!
After a few weeks i started chatting to a frankie30121972 (i think), he didn't live too far from me. However first impressions on him was, hmm a little bit rough around the edges, not what i would usually go for. But we kept talking and i liked him more and more. after a few more weeks we decided to meet. however it wasn't planned, and at the time he'd just finished work and i'd just got back from london, so on a whim we met at a local garage, which had a macdonalds beside it. so we sat in the car park just talking- Hours flew past! then we went our seprate ways. We kept texting ech other throughout the night and day and arranged to meet again. so we did, we went for a meal etc... we starting dating!. everything was great we went out for meals, went to the theatre, cinema etc. then in late december he moved in with me, we both knew it was rushing things, but we're in love why not?.
We had christmas together, then came new years eve come and he took me to some woods that over looked a river ( which is where his grandparents lived), and to my surprise he got down on 1 knee and proposed to me. It was Amazing.. I said yes!!!!... later that day, to my surprise he arranged for us to go to london to see the newyear in, it was wonderful, a ring on my finger, fireworks and this lovely man holding my hand.
At this moment in time we're looking to buy a house because the place we live in now is going to be far to small espcially now we're expecting our first child together.
So Thank you Large friends, you've made 2 people very happy adn given us the love we sought after.