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True Love
rosebud0473 and ibhappy, Charleston, SC, United States, Oct 06, 2006

Dear largefriends,
On June 8, 2006,ibhappy winked at me and after checking out his profile winked back.One day he emailed me with a copy of a comment he posted. It touched my heart so much that I emailed him to say thank you. After exchanging several emails we set up a date for June 17th. I liked him right away. He had a contageous smile and a wonderful personality.He asked if he could see me again and we did. Wow! He was so wonderful and a complete gentleman. When the date was over-he hugged me goodbye and followed with the sweetest kiss I've ever had. I was hooked and we both knew we had found true love. We dated every chance we could and were married on August 18, 2006. We are so happy and so very blessed.

Thank you,
rosebud0473 and ibhappy

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