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Tracy made this for us
Love at a later age  (Engaged)
Shworles and Tracy, Houston, United States, Mar 05, 2014
I met and have found my love on this site. At first she passed me by, but then she e-mailed me. That was 3 months ago, and I am selling my place in Houston and moving to Arizona to marry her and spend the rest of our lives together. Tracy and I are a perfect match, and we found each other here on LargeFriends

Advice to other members:

Keep at it. Tracy looked at my profile 4 times before she made contact. She almost didn't because she lived outside my profile range

It does work...  (Married)
flashgirl and Nick, Chico, CA, United States, Aug 25, 2013
I met Nick on Large friends and it was by accident really, I had gotten his wink and was writing him a "yeah, you live in Canada" letter but in mid paragraph he popped up and said HI and I thought what the heck its not like this is going to go any where and its nice sometimes just talking to someone who can just be their authentic self for once since I had already written this guy off due to geography (I wasn't looking to relocate that far) we talk and the more get chatted the more I liked him and so after six or so months he flew out and met me and my whole entire family...I come from a blended family and so family came out of the wood works to meet the Canadian I had been "chatting" with since we all know that long distance relationships don't work! so long story short I wanted to finish College and I had a few years left to go and he has work so we made the time and we traveled back and forth and around the 2 year mark Nick proposes a few days before New Years (which he presented me... Read Full Story>>

Advice to other members:

there are a lot of toads out there so keep and open eye and a open heart because there is someone out there for all of us. be true to your self and know what you want and articulate it so that there wont be any confusion and vice verse this way there is no hurt feelings and the other person doesn't have to "read" you mind! old saying... mean what you say, and say what you mean!

My self, my wife, and our daughter last year visiting California.
succsess  (Married)
nickie7 and flashgirl, toronto, Canada, Aug 01, 2013
We met on this site some years back, I'm a guy, don't ask me for dates. I messaged her as she was writing me to tell me that it would never pan out with her in California and me in Ontario Canada. She figured "what the hey, I'll chat with him, what could it hurt" We are now sitting at 3 years married with a beautiful 2 and a half year old child.

Advice to other members:

I thought I had missed the boat and was going to die a lonely man. This site proved to me that you can change your life with the press of a button, or the missing of a bus, anything. Don't give up, this was the best $19.95 I have ever spent in my life. (I hope that I don't sound like an infomercial)

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Married  (Married)
Roza1961 and 6fttallman, Cardiff, United Kingdom, Oct 02, 2012
Hi there, I have a confession to make. In 2006 I joined your web site and saw a man called Raymond, I did not join your web site, but in one of his photos I saw the surrounding buildings near a ~Caravan sales centre in Cardiff and rang the business up and asked to speak with someone called Raymond. We met soon after and at once I knew he was to old for me, and decided I would make the meeting quick. We got talking and I liked what I heard, we carried on seeing each other, although for the last six years, it has been a bit rocky. But in April 2012 he asked me to marry him and on September 2012 we got married, without your web site it would never have happend, so thank you very much for bringing us together.

Advice to other members:

If at first it don't click, think friendship, because I just married my friend and am so happy.

Dynamic Duo
Uluaman24 and mana333, Hilo, United States, Aug 26, 2012
We met on largefriends. She winked at me, I sent muscleman pictures, she laughed, I invited her to my island, she crossed an ocean, we got our first house, and are now engaged. Happy Ever After :)

Advice to other members:

Be honest with yourself. Self acceptance is the key to happiness.