Are friends and intimate encounter just another term for a booty call? Romance Forward to friends

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    Hi guys.... it's been a while but I'm back again asking that question. I keep wondering about that because I'm very curious to read the responses I get from you, the members.For those of you that have some questions in the back of your head, no, it's never happened to me. I haven't really had the "friend and intimate encounter". I have never had anyone approach me or even write to me about that. Does anyone look for the "booty call"? if its there, and someone asks you, would you respond? Does one ever hope for it only to look for something more? Just something to think about...
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    Well Marv,

    I think it depends on who you are talking too and what age you may be. For example...meeting and having sex with someone in the same evening is referred to as a one night stand. But today some would say it was just a booty call...or casual sex.

    Now, not that I'd admit I'm a saint because I'm not, but I have had and still maintain a male friend with benefits *that's what I've been told it is and a few other choice things too I doubt I'd be able to post with out being edited*

    Ironically, we are very close, not romantically, but sexually we just happen to mix well together. I know that may raise an eyebrow or two but I have no objection to being with a steady partner I know and trust and happen to care about, but not in that lovey dovey way.

    Now, a tradtional 'booty call' as I've been so educated by some male friends is a woman who you have the hots for...isn't exactly someone you'd date, but you call when you have an itch that needs scratching. It's not exactly an uplifting term but women use it as well as their male counterparts.

    I think that lust, love, sex, committment, playing, playas and all of these terms are used as each person sees fit. I think that intimacy isn't found in a booty call, it's more just a physical gratification thing. I'm not sure how most folks define casual relationships..but from what I've learned over the past 5-10 yrs is...if the words, fun or casual, are in the same sentence directed at a woman than she can be fairly certain the man has SEX on his mind...not a trip to the park, dinner or a movie.

    I think what is far more important is that you ask specific questions and make it clear to whomever you meet what your expectations are in the encounter, whether it's a firt time date...or a 'booty call'. And though many folks are here looking for a friend, date, or relationship I'd dare say a fair amount are just looking for a one time playmate.
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    Well Marvel, I think you have asked a good question.

    In my opinion, we (on this site and certainly elsewhere) have ourselves a double standard of epic proportions.

    Many people are shocked and dismayed at the mention of a Booty Call. People claim to be disgusted by the very thought of such a dirty sin, but have, in fact, participated themselves.

    This is what I think is going on. EVERYONE wants a sexual encounter now and then, EVERYONE. However, no one (especially women) wants to admit to wanting or, even worse, admit to having the illustrious Booty Call. If people think that admitting to this will deter potential suitors, what about the dishonesty they're dealing out to cover the sex scandal?

    A couple of simple cliches could clear this matter up.....Honesty is the best policy.....Everyone is doing it.....
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    Good question. I've only been on this site for a short time, but I feel pretty confident in saying that there is a LOT of 'booty call' action happening (well maybe not action, but the requests are certainly there). I am amazed at a couple of the profiles of the men who have sent me emails and winks...talking about female body parts and what they'd like to do with them. Then there are the guys who ask you after 1 email what your chest size is. The only credit I give these guys is that they are putting it out there honestly and while they are not my style, I'm sure they will find someone who will bite.

    I tend to shy away from the guys who only want 'intimate encounters.' Not that I'm looking for a LTR, but something more sincere, more stimulating and more fun outside of the bedroom would be good. I'm a jewel and I won't just give my goods away to any ole guy!
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