Once again problems with emails/winks Romance Forward to friends

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    Not to beat a dead horse here again, but.... I have gotten a few winks and emails lately from some very interesting local men. I have answered their winks/emails and yet have not gotten another response from them.. Is it what I am saying to them or are they getting my replies at all? Or could it just be that they wink and then realize I am just not their type. Any help on this issue would be helpful...
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    It's not just women that get emails/winks and then answer them and no response. I'm fairly new to this site, but I've been on Adult Friend Finder for years now before finding this site a short time ago. I have to give credit where credit is due, the people I have contact with/have met in person from this site are 1000% nicer and more caring than those off AFF. I can send out 25 emails to people that are a perfect match to me on AFF, and no reply. Here at least around 60% of the time I get a reply. It may be a "thanks......but no thanks" but at least they were considerate enough to take the time to respond to my email.

    I can't really say why people here are so much nicer, but I will say don't waste your money on joining AFF.

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    Toots honey... I can't imagine anyone purposely not answering you. Your to much of a sweety. I've had lots of problems with the system, but things are slowly improving. I've had the best luck getting people here to contact me in yahoo.. I miss less messages that way.
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    Thanks for all your replies on this. I just get a bit frustrated with this whole issue. I mean when I reply to these men that would interest me I also include my personal email for them to reach me there. So that if they arent paid members they can still contact me... who knows. I just still wonder if something in my profile turns them off, or if they are reading my profile at all. Thanks all of you for helping out...
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    The same thing has happened to me .The few winks or even an occassional email I get saying how interesting my profile was and they can't wait to hear from me and then when I email them I never hear a word. I too wonder if it's me, my picture or profile or what. Hopefully it's the system. Any suggestons anyone????
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 27, 2005 at 10:12 AM

    Kind of a tough one. If they initiated the wink, why wouldn't they acknowledge your reply if they got it? Maybe it is a site member vs. non-member issue.

    But to hijack your thread a little ...

    I've received a few "winks" from ladies quite a distance from me. Although I'm a realist and state on my profile that my match should be closer (100 miles-ish), the winks still arrive. What to do?

    I don't want to appear rude and ignore them, but at the same time is there an expectation of a response, or is the wink just sent as a commentary?

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    i would have to say its probably because they are not paying members...I wink a men sometimes and when they wink back i am at a dead stand still.....i am not a paying member so I can't email them after the initial wink !!! HOPE this helps !!!
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