Where are all the younger guys at? Romance Forward to friends

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    persomaly, I love younger men, they make me feel alive and I have someone in London that likes me alot and hes in his twenties, but I believe age is a number and if u can communicate I say go for it

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    Well Red, I guess I'm old too...40 coming straight at me this year! (BLINK, BLINK) However, as far as ages in relationships go I'm all over the map. It really depends on the person. I've clicked with men as much as 15 years younger than me and as much as 12 years older than me. Of course life circumstances are also a concern regardless of age, but if two people care about each other and are committed to making a relationship work...who cares how big or small the age gap is? Just my two cents. Now pardon me...I have to go find my walker, dentures, bifocals, and geritol! LOL
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    I had no idea you were that old Red. I will never pick on your frail body again. Wellll, never mind. I like the way you old broads keep the bed warm. Just kidding and I hope you know it. Your tops with me and younger.
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    I know it seems like all the guys that send me a wink are way out of my age range!!!
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    Interesting story Red lol .... how old were u at the time....?? I know the age to get alcohol there is 21, here its 18, so something like that would definately be a worry if it happened here....
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    It's true everyone has a different view on age. 40 (for me) too old. Like Stephanie, I don't want to date someone that could be my father. It just gets creapy. I would have said 18 was too young for me, for the simple fact that men at that age are not mature enough to handle relationships with BBW. They are still validating "prescient views" on women. Wraith547, although, has seemed to show me wrong. Good for you!
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    Most of the guys I've dated (not more than a dozen; I'm picky & untrusting) have been 2-8 years older than I am. I just can't get over the amount of over 40 men on here! Steve is probably right; men my age (26 in 2 weeks) don't appreciate that I have "more to love". I guess I'll have to wait another 5-10 years before they mature & relaize what they've been missing. Sorry, I can't date someone old enough to be my father! Not that most have asked for a date, most have just wanted sex, but that's another story...
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    hey , I love the energy of a younger man, keeps me on my toes too, thank you for your honesty

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    Well gidz, thats a good question, age is really of no relevance to me as long as u gel well with the person, I like younger guys personally, but it seems that older women seem to be crucified more in liking the younger ones more so then the older men with the younger women, I would go out with a guy in his early 20's no problem at, all even tho I am nearly 36, however a lot of people would look down on that .... really in the grand scheme of things.... WHO CARES as long as both parties are happy
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    Hello yet another young guy here. How young is young and how old is Old and what are we calling all the bits in between It seems to me everyone's different about the age range and ive gone and lost my rule book
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    looking to meet new people and i can chat....some may say too much but if you wanna say hi just send me a wink or a mail!
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    I use to date younger guys but the one's I've met were too concerned with what their "boys" would think of them if they went out with a thick girl,also they were way too imature for me. I use to never even consider guys in their 30's because I figured they were entirely too old for me,until I met my ex who was 35 and after that I don't date younger than 25 or older than 35. But I use to get messaged alot from guys in their 40's and 50's until I hid my profile. I could never date anyone in their 40's because my mom is 43 and that is way too close to her age,plus she would kill me.
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    xShyxgirlx - wraith really said a mouthful when he mentioned peer pressure - - I think that's why you don't find a whole lotta guys in your age group in here. Unfortunately, peer pressure still plays a mighty role in a lot of guys lives until they get up there a bit. But I definitely gotta give wraith his props for knowing who he is and being so young. You go, boy!
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    GOOD ON YOU WRAITH !! You will probably end up being one of the first amongst your friends and peers that finds happiness and stability, the kind your friends will envy ;) So keep up the way cool attidude dude ....
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    Oh Steve, you're such a sweetie. I'm sure all these hot chicks are thankful everyday that there are men like you in the world!
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    Yes Steve you are SO right about guys in their younger years preferring the skinnies, and the ones that do prefer the bigger ones, usually have them behind closed doors ...and the skinnies out and about, altho I think now we are coming into a time and age where bigger girls are more accepted ,therefore more younger guys are looking for the curvey and cuddley more so ... back when i was younger there was NO WAY a guy would be seen out with a big girl without feeling concious, which is stoopid, It was like they had no back bone and too worried about what their mates would say , well all we can say is they are missing out, and when they do wake up to themselves, they , like you steve, will kick themselves for all those lost years
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 20, 2005 at 07:58 PM

    I am with you on that one Short. Winks from older men who obviously are NOT reading my profile to check my preferences. I have to agree with Steve though when I say that many guys our age still have not realised what they are missing out on. I have always been classified as "One of the guys" Never the girl they date. As of lately though, a few seem to be flocking towards me and taking an interst because they realise I have just as much (if not more) going on, as those other skinny mini's they typically go for. There is guys on here though that are our age. Slim pickings though.
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    Just going out on a limb here, but maybe the younger guys haven't discovered the joy and warmth of the bigger woman. I know I seem like a knowing sensitive dude now, but I usually made friends with the chunky girls when I was in my late teens/early 20's while trying to hit on the skinny minnies. I was late 20's before my eyes were opened to what I had been missing. And I'm thankful everyday for what I've found.
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