Just got back from Nawlins' Sports and travel Forward to friends

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    Hey everybody, I just got back from Mardi Gras and I must recommend that everyone should go atleast once. It's hard to believe that for 5 days the whole city is in party mode. The parades, French Quarters, the Formal Balls and if you need to relax you can go to Cafe Du Monde's for Coffee and Beignets (Ben-Yah's) and take a stroll along the Mississippi River.

    Next Mardi Gras is Feb. 28, 2006 so set your calendars and I'll see ya on Bourbon Street.
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    Glad you had a great time.. now how about some pics from the parties and honeys.. (rated PG13 for this site please) LOL.. Glad You had Fun!
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    Anyone who is going to New orleans ,there is a fantastic blues singer you MUST see if you like the blues, Her name is MArva Wright and she is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!.If you can't find where she is singing ask at the hotel ,they can find out or you can just look up her name on the web and it gives her schedule . ENJOY
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 02, 2005 at 07:43 AM

    A great addition to a N'awlins trip is to get there via "The Spirit of New Orleans" train - it happens to go through Memphis (course is from Chicago to New Orleans - 2 trains - They travel opposite directions daily!) It was not the fastest method - but much less stressful and so much room! We went on Labor Day weekend and had full rows to ourselves and even had a great lunch on the way down and dinner when returning after the holiday! I will do this again soon!

    Once there, you don't have to enjoy drinking to enjoy this town! Between "Cafe Du Monde" or "Brennans" for breakfast to the best Po'boys for lunch and seafood for dinner, there is superior antique browsing, the zoo and aquarium, and the paddle boat cruises & horse drawn carriage rides - there is something for everyone!

    Has anyone been at Halloween - I think the ghost & vampire tours would be great...
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    it is a great atmosphere, this year was not as crowded because Superbowl Weekend, however, I still had a great time.I recommend that everyone should go.
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    Im so jealous!! I wanted to go to Mardi Gras with a couple of friends this year, but I had tests that were scheduled during that week. Is it really a wild as people portray it to be? Did anything interesting happen to you while you were there?
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