From Fat, to Fluffy, to Firm Fanny Romance Forward to friends

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    Okay peoples....

    I've read all kinds of post's about BBW's and BHM's and being proud and confident of who you are and what you look like, etc etc etc.

    Thats all great and I have nothing whatsoever against it. However, I would also like to acknowlege the BBW's and/or BHM's who, like me, are NOT happy about their shape and size. That doesn't mean I dont like who I am inside. I very much like who I am as a person. Its just my exterior that could use an overhaul. I'm all for finding that conversion kit... or better yet, if 'Pimp my Ride' could redo the chasis on this ole gal, I"d be tickled to death!!!

    I was not always a large gal. I proudly used to have a 6 pack stomach, which after giving birth to three babies is now a 6 gallon stomach, or so it feels. I've done everything imaginable to return to that pre-baby weight, but due to metabolic rates, and other medical type, terminology, fancy shmancy jargin that only confuses us, all attempts have been unsuccessful.

    So my question is this... All you people out there who say you like Large mates... would you still want them if they didnt stay large??? I mean... I've heard of men leaving women because they have gotten to "fat"... do me leave women for getting to "thin" ???

    Again, I'm not saying one negative thing against being Large. And for those of you who are proud and happy with both interior and exterior... MORE POWER TO YOU!!! But not all of us are. Are there guys out there who would be supportive of their mates not wanting to stay BBW's???

    Food for thought!
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    You are right that it is what is on the inside that counts. In my opinion I would like ya whether you were a BHM or a slimmer version. I think if you like/love someone then it shouldn't matter whether they lose/gain some weight. Especially if it for health purposes.
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    For me, personally, even though there is initially a degree of physical attraction, I am much more attracted to personality than anything else. So the size issue becomes moot. If someone is willing to let you go because you have been successful at living healthier, then they may not be the one for you, anyway. River, I have chatted with you a bit, and I have to say, any woman lucky enough to have you in her life would be stupid to break it off with you over that. (I'm sure the same is true of you other two men, but we have never "spoken" ;) )

    Good luc to you all
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 01, 2005 at 07:52 AM

    I am attracted to all shapes of women, for me the big thing is what you have on the inside,and if i love you ? I LOVE YOU!! that is the way it should be, and when i say i love you? it means just you
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 01, 2005 at 03:38 AM

    I for one want to lose weight. Not only because I feel that I am to overweight and not totally happy with the way I look but also for health issues. I really feel that if a person likes you, for who you are they shouldnt judge you for how big or small you are. Besides its all just gift wrapping. The best gift is what lies inside the box or in this case the heart and mind. For you guys that have posted on here, Keep up the good work, I wish I had even one ounce of the willpower you seem to have.
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    I actually had something like that happen to me. I started dating a girl when I was 315lbs, and I started losing weight. I got down to about 200lbs, and she said she just wasn't attracted to me anymore. Now I'm 290 again, on my way back down to 200. Maybe I should call her up....
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 28, 2005 at 10:36 AM

    Good Question,

    A few months back there was a Dr. Phil Show, that a woman was going to divorce her husband because he was going to have gastric bypass surgery to drop weight. Unfortuneately I was unable to watch the whole show, so I don't know the outcome.

    I guess you step back into that how secure is your relationship??? The size of the person should not matter if you truly love the heart of a person.

    And I know what you mean I went from a "6 pack" to a "Keg", hopefully since I've gotten rid of a lot of stress in my life I'm going to get my 6 pack back......or at least get it down to a party pack.
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